About Seven Reviews

I’m Seven, also known as Jari.

I started this site for the love of games.

And now 2 years later on nothing has changed on that front,

I still want to bring you reviews of Games, but also try

and venture out of my comfort zone and add a hardware section.

What I hope to achieve is to bring you informed conclusions on

my experiences with it either being Games or Hardware played/tested.

The one change I have made, is that I will no longer

(for now at least) do console game reviews,

All Games reviewed will be on PC. Which makes it a bit easier

on my self for time management and not having to keep up

with every platform.

My first games played were on PC, and now I have returned full circle.

I hope that I can provide you with satisfactory reviews and news

in the future, and that you will keep coming back.

Thank you for reading.

And have an awesome day!

If you would like to Donate for enjoying the content on site. It is much appreciated, but remember it is not necessary. <3

Give me a follow from the social media buttons to interact and say hello!

All donations would go to paying for the upkeep of the site, and any amount would be appreciated.

Welcome to Sevenreviews.net

I hope you enjoy the content provided, So thank you very much for taking the time to read and supporting me.

Sincerely Jari


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