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I’m Seven, also known as Jari.

I started this site for the love of anything games related.
Three years has flown by so far, and with that I wanted to say
thank you to everyone who has been reading my reviews / and
checking in on the new Discord that now has +100 members
and the Twitch streams. With your help we’ve made Affiliate now.

I know I have been focusing lately on PC games reviews only,
and with the launch of the new Generation Consoles later this year,
I am hoping to dive back into fresh reviews / content when they launch.

It takes a lot of time running all these things by yourself,
but I am going to try and keep you up to date with a new segment
on the site, posting trailers for new games as they appear,
and also work hard on getting the hardware reviews up and running.

So here’s a hip hip hooray to the past 3 years, and hip hip hooray
for the coming 3 years…

Thank you for reading and being awesome!

If you would like to Donate for enjoying the content. It is much appreciated, But remember it is not necessary.

Any donations, would go to paying for the yearly upkeep cost of the site, and any amount would be appreciated a ton!

Thank you!

And don’t forget to give me a follow from the social media buttons to interact and say hello!

Welcome to

I hope you enjoy the content provided, So thank you very much for taking the time to read and support me on this venture.

07.22.2020 – Added more social media options to the top bar.

– You can now join our +100 member Discord for News / Giveaways / Food talk.

– Twitch channel added (Affiliate Status reached) a future streaming schedule is coming.

Sincerely Jari

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