Blackwood Crossing Review (Xbox One)

Jari Välimäki

About PaperSeven.

Blackwood Crossing was developed by PaperSeven, a small, independent studio in Brighton,
UK founded by former Disney Black Rock Studio developers.

The story’s written by Oliver Reid-Smith, writer of The Room. As evidenced by its inaugural title, the team’s goal is to
create games that explore emotional themes, and take players on meaningful yet unpredictable journeys.

What is Blackwood Crossing?

Blackwood Crossing is a story-driven first-person adventure game exploring the relationship
between two orphaned siblings who are growing apart. Scarlett, the older sister, is coming of age
and leaving childhood behind, creating distance between herself and her younger brother Finn.

When they cross paths with a mysterious figure, a seemingly ordinary train ride evolves into a
magical story of life, love, and loss.

Players take on the role of Scarlett as she struggles to understand the changes that are taking place
in her brother.

What does he want from her and can she re-forge the bonds that once joined them
so strongly? Their train journey is soon altered by mysterious and surreal elements, with the player
able to make his or her own interpretation as to what is happening.

The strong emotional overtones of the game’s narrative emerge alongside puzzle exploration
gameplay to provide a balance between storytelling and puzzle solving. The context-driven puzzles
are designed to engage the player’s mind while the story flow provides a compelling thematic arc.


It is hard to talk about what happens in Blackwood Crossing, because that would spoil what makes it special.
But one thing I can guarantee is that you will go through alot of emotions during it’s approx. 2-3 hour playthrough.

Along the playthrough you are asked to solve small puzzles, hence clearing pathways to continue on your Journey.
These puzzles are quite enjoyable and not too hard to solve, just perfect for the game.

It is easy to miss small things such as collectibles in game, and if you are an achievement hunter you will want
to do a second playthrough for sure, and even if you are not an achievement hunter the game is worthy of that second playthrough.

The voice acting within the game is enjoyable for this type of a story, and the world sounds are decent.
Visually Blackwood Crossing is quite nice, colorful and vibrant.

During my playthrough I did not encounter any technical issues besides from some slightly lenghty loading screens,
which at the end of the day did not bother me as I was already focusing on thinking what would happen once loaded up again.


For an 2-3 hour experience (1st playthrough), Blackwood Crossing is worth that pick up from the digital store.

Review code supplied by developer.

Release Date: April 5th, 2017
Developer : Paper Seven
Platforms : Xbox One / PC /PS4

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