Borderlands 3 PC Review

Jari Välimäki

Borderlands 3 review

It has been 7 years and a few days since the release of Borderlands 2,
and fans of the series have been asking for Borderlands 3 ever since.
Well now we’re in luck as Borderlands 3 is out in the wild for us
to play on PC and Consoles (Xbox and Playstation).

The game has an exclusivity deal on PC for the Epic game store for
a duration of 6 months, but will be released on the Steam store
after the exclusivity time is up.

So what is the Borderland series all about?

You could say it’s an epic space cowboy themed looter shooter driven
with humor and action, that is possible to be played in co-op.

Borderlands 3 takes place some years after the events of
Borderlands 2, the death of Handsome Jack and the fall of Hyperion,
for those who have played the series in the past otherwise oops
spoiler-alert (or is it really a spoiler 7 years later?)

Borderlands 3 is though a game that a new comer to the series
can jump straight into and enjoy without prior knowledge.
It’s not an over-complicated story, and game the guides
you very well into the mechanics in the beginning.

The setting for Borderlands 3, and the plot without spoilers.

You are one of the (out of 4) new Vault Hunters on Pandora,
Setting out to find a new vault, and fighting the latest oppressors
Children Of The Vault (CoV) lead by the Calypso Twins.

Depending on who you choose to play with, each of the characters
have their own style a.ka (also known as) class;
tank, support, long range.. see pictures below.

During the campaign, in this open world game / out of this world hub
you will came across various characters offering you side missions
on top of your story driven things, if you have played any of the
other Borderlands games or spin-offs from ex. TellTale games
You will recognize quite a few of the characters you will meet,
with their own unique sense of humor (spoiler which is quite often over the top)

Whilst the opening of the game will introduce you to Pandora
the planet, which previous games has been set on, there is no
shortage later on in the game for new locations that can
be accessed through the space-ship hub further down the line.

You will traverse everything from Lava lands, to tropical
rain forrest areas to neon glimmering city settings.

While the locations are refreshing and add variation to the game
The most staggering and beautiful thing about Borderlands 3
is the sheer amount of Guns the game is throwing at you, and
the skill-tree to boost your killing proficiency.

And it boasts of some well made shooting mechanics, it’s really
enjoyable though some of the enemies can be real sponges.
But that’s part of the charm, that is Borderlands.. it’s not
supposed to be an easy walk over.

With some over yes you read this right, billion combinations
of the different guns… you should be able to find your favorite
one somewhere in there right?

You’ll be tied up for around 30 hours in the main campaign
over 23 chapters in the game, which really makes the game
value for your hard spent cash.

Graphically beautiful, but the game also requires quite alot
from your PC to run at the maximum settings.

I have above posted the Gearbox specifications minimum/recommended
to run Borderlands 3 on PC.

My own specifications: i5-9400, 16GB RAM and a 2060RTX runs the
game at 1440p around 50-80fps at high detail.

Final thoughts,

A fantastically fun game that will have you spend atleast 30 hours
on the story, and alot more to finish everything there is to do
within the game.

Even more fun if you have a friend(s) to play co-op with.
Making it virtually a never-ending shoot and loot fest.

The humor is alot to take in at times, but nevertheless funny.

I can whole heartedly recommend Borderlands 3, if you have the PC
to run the game. Who could say no to intense Shooting and Looting?

And as with all games, the minor bugs that are in the game right now
will for sure be polished out and the performance increased in due
time, also for consoles.

Here is the official launch trailer for your enjoyment

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