Call Of Duty: World War II Review Playstation 4

Jari Välimäki

This year Call Of Duty took a turn away from the futuristic warfare we’ve had with previously published titles such as Advanced Warfare,
Black Ops 3 and last years installment: Infinite Warfare. Now heading back to the grimm time period of World War II.

Fans have been very vocal over the last few years, wanting Call Of Duty to return to it’s roots. Moving away from the futuristic Jet-Pack gameplay,
to the old classic Boots On The Ground game-style. Now 2017 is the year the vocal fans got their wish fulfilled.

Let’s explore what the campaign is like, and multiplayer in World War II.


In the campaign you will follow the story of Ronald “Red” Daniels, a member of the US 1st Infantry Division,
who joins British forces and the French Resistance, battling across the beaches of Normandy,
to the liberation of Paris and ultimately into Germany as the story progresses.

The Campaign itself is an emotional story of friendship, sacrifice, the horrors and brutality of war.
What you can expect from the campaign is roughly around 7-8 hours of blockbuster non stop action to beat it over a set amount of missions.
There’s plenty of variation in the missions during the campaign all kicking of with the d-day landing at the beach,
and as with previous Call Of Duty titles, there are some vehicles that you can operate during these missions.

One of the things that has been brought back into the campaign play is the need for first aid kits,
there is no auto health generation this time around. What this means is that you have to rely on your squad mates,
being closeish by or you stumbling across first aid kits in the field.

To help you out, your squad mates come with different abilities this time around.
Example, Robert Zussman your squad mate and friend carries first aid kits to help you out by requesting them from him.
Stiles can resupply both types of grenades and Turner another squad mate carries ammunition, your Squad Sergeant has the ability to point out where
the enemies have been spotted for a while and last but not least Aiello can give you a targeting smoke device to signal in an artillery strike.
This also means thanks to generous squad mates offering up ammo, you don’t have to keep dropping that weapon you like that often anymore just because you are
temporarily out of ammo.
All these requests that you can perform recharge over time, based on kills you rack up and the “heroic actions” you perform. More on Heroic Actions below.

Another thing that is new to this campaign, is performing Heroic actions on the battlefield, this can be saving a soldier being almost
beaten to death by a German soldier, or a wounded soldier laying on the battlefield bleeding that you can help by dragging to a safe spot.
Soldiers can also surrender, which means you have to capture them.
It really gave me that feel: war is nasty, but also a good feel for helping those soldiers out.

These are all good implementations, to spice things up and bring a little bit of variation in.
This is also in large due to the pace of the game is a bit slower than your previous Call Of Duty releases for the last 3-4 years.
Here you need to take your time to think about if it is worth rushing upto the next cover, if the enemy is shooting at you with anti-tank guns
or lobbing grenades at you, since getting hit will take a large chunk out of your health if not even your life.
The missions ahead of you (I don’t want to spoil any of the campaign play in this review sorry!) give you the chance to utilize your squadmates abilities to help you out
to the next checkpoint and ultimately finish the mission.

Graphics & Sound / Voice acting

Graphically Call Of Duty World War II is stunning, some of the cut-scenes are so life like that you can second guess yourself if that is computer generated or actors filmed
straight up. The game runs at a solid frame rate, without any hickups on the base Playstation 4 slim which I have conducted the review on.
The loading times are not the fastest, but then again I wasn’t in a hurry.. there would be plenty of shooting ahead that I was looking forward to.. and had the chance
to mentally prepare myself for.

In game sounds are fantastic, and really immerse you into the action that is happening.. be it a grenade exploding, a bullet wisping by.. it sounds fantastic.
Specially with a headset, to truly hear every sound and feel it.

The Voice acting is top notch for World War II also, Josh Duhamel known from Transformers and some might even remember the show Las Vegas playing the role of Sergeant Pierson.
Other actors include the likes of Jonathan Tucker, Jeffrey Pierce and Brett Zimmermann (Main characters voice). Really a well selected cast, and they nailed it.


This years multiplayer also has seen some changes from the familiar create a class to play with, onto a more in depth experience with Divisions.
What this means is, you choose one of the 5 divisions available. Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain and Expeditionary to start with.
Once you rank up with the divisions you gain additional skills, for example the Infantry division ranking up (all max rank 4), brings in Rifle Bayonet at level 1,
Additional Primary Attachment at level 2, Extra Magazines at level 3, and moving faster while aiming down the sights at the division max rank.

These are all different depending on the Division.

Expeditionary has the following lvl 1. Shotgun incendiary Shells lvl 2. select a lethal and tactical lvl 3. throw equipment quicker lvl 4. resupply (scavenge)
Mountain has the following lvl 1. Sniper sharpshooter lvl 2. Always invisible to recon aircraft lvl 3. hidden to player scorestreaks lvl 4. silent movement
Armored has the following lvl 1. LMG Bipod lvl 2. Immune to shell shock and tactical lvl 3. take less fire damage lvl 4. take significantly less explosive damage
Airborne has the following lvl 1. SMG Suppressor lvl 2. Sprint longer lvl 3. Climb faster lvl 4. Increased spring speed.
Infantry covered above.

You can once you’ve received enough Rank tokens then unlock a slot for each division, where you can customize your soldier.
Also initially you receive a prestige unlock token, so you can freely pick any weapon or Basic Training skill to unlock early.
I have added pictures above where you can see what the division customization looks like.
Weapons are all available for all divisions even with what you choose, though remember they are level based unless unlocked with prestige tokens.

The Basic Training skills are different perks/skills you can enable (max 1), with the likes of Rifleman which enables you to take two primary weapons straight away or
Ordnance for cheaper scorestreaks and the ability to re-roll your own care packages. There’s plenty to choose from in the category, and it all comes down to your own
unique playstyle. To name a few there are, Espionage, Launched, Requisitions, Instincts, Hustle, Lookout, Gunslinger, Ordnance, Primed, Scoped and inconspicuous.
A total of 21 different one’s to choose from for your playstyle.

Once you have setup your Division, Basic Skills and Guns/Lethal/Tacticals. You’ll want to look into Scorestreaks, there’s a total of 15 to choose from here. These ofcourse
are also all level based, so until you’ve played a fair bit or early unlocked something for a change. But there are some very interesting fun ones,
The ball turret gunner from an bomber, to calling in Paratrooper reinforcements or flying a strafing run with Fighter Pilot.

Customization of your soldier is also deep, you have a total of 12 faces to choose from look wise, 7 male and 5 female.
There’s plenty of clothing options to be aqquired from Supply Drop crates which you can earn in game or purchase at a later stage with existing or new Call Of Duty points
(in game currency). There is also plenty of Emblems, Emotes, Calling Cards and Special Helmets to be collected. A total of 300 calling cards is currently available to collect.

The biggest change in Multiplayer is the addition of the Social space HQ into the game, this is a place where soldiers can hang out with each other throw emotes and have fun.
HQ also being a huge space to roam around, is also where you can customize your guns at the gunsmith, or do scorestreak training (trying out all available scorestreaks), shoot
at the shooting range, or watch movies / live events in the theater. The Quartermaster also is located in this space where you can sign contracts for a cost, and try to beat the
timer in game to gain some supply drop crates. Also there are weekly challenges distributed from the Majors Office, which could gain you some rare supply drops.
HQ also features the Division desk, where you can level up your Division levels to gain additional perks as I talked about above.
In HQ you can also gain social points, for doing tasks set out for you.. and this ranks you up socially.
There is even a 1v1 challenge board, from where you can challenge your friends into seeing who is the best of you.

Moving onto the maps of World War II, there is initially now pre DLC addons a total of 9 maps that can be played in standard modes such as TDM, Demolition, Search & Destroy.
All modes in standard are as follows, TDM, War, Domination, Hardpoint, Capture the flag, S&D, Kill Confirmed, Free-for-all and Gridiron.

eSports modes feature, Search and Destroy, Capture the flag, Hardpoint and Gridiron.
Gridiron is the new take on uplink, where you score by throwing / carrying the ball into the enemy goal.

These are the 9 standard maps. Range in size from Small – Large

Ardennes Forest
Flak Tower
Gustav Cannon
London Docks
Pointe du Hoc
Sainte Marie du Mont
USS Texas

Then there is the new addition of War Missions, with 3 scenarios. Operation Breakout , Griffin and Operation Neptune.

Breakout features, furious battle across a war-torn French village. Features multiple high-intensity combat scenarios involving short and medium range gameplay.
Griffin features, Launch the counter-offensive! This map features 3 fast-paced combat scenarios with short and medium range gamplay.
Neptune features, invade or defend Omaha Beach on D-Day.

It’s a whole lot of fun, and something new. Intense combat.

If you are into playing Competively there is also the MLG Gamebattles feature implemented (requires MLG account) where you can play online tournaments or matches.

I hope that covered the Multiplayer portion to satisfaction.


Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies is an original, terrifying co-operative mode that unleashes a frightening new horror story for Call of Duty zombies fans.
Nothing is as it seems in this zombies horror, as a dark and sinister plot unfolds to unleash an invincible army of the dead.

You can read more about the Zombies experience here.

Final thoughts

Call Of Duty World War II has a mind blowing Single player campaign experience, that is sure to touch some feels.
a Multiplayer experience that will keep you occupied for countless hours and with future DLC packs launching.. even 100’s if not 1000’s of hours for the most hardcore players.
Zombies mode for those who enjoy that experience, is fun and also guarantees hours of joy.

It is in my opinion the best Call Of Duty in the last few years, a full package so to say.

And if you haven’t picked it up yet. Even if you are not a multiplayer person, purely for the campaign it is worth the price.
See you in the HQ and on the battlefield.

Review code supplied by Activision.

Call Of Duty World War II is out now on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Please see PSN Store, Xbox Store, Steam or local game store for regional pricing.

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