Deformers Review (Xbox One)

Jari Välimäki

Ready at Dawn the studio known for it’s exclusive title The Order: 1886 on the Playstation 4,

Had a cute squishy battle arena idea.. and so Deformers was born with the help from Gamestop’s publishing division GameTrust.

This colorful cartoonish arena brawler caught my eye when the first marketing videos were released, and now I had the chance to play it in full.

As with most games today, you always seem to have trouble on the launch day/weekend when connecting to Multiplayer just to get into it… and so was the case with Deformers.
I managed to get a few games in on Friday, and then I just had to give up since I was not able to find any players due to errors..
It’s now monday and I just finished playing enough to write this review, The servers are now working and there are people out there playing and seemingly enjoying Deformers.

Let’s go through the different Game modes and additional things in the game and lastly my overall feelings about Deformer

Game modes

Deformers has 3 game mode types, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and a Rocket Leaguesque mode involving a football and 2 goals called Form Ball.
Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch require you to eliminate the competition, this can be achieved by either slamming into the opponent multiple times
until elimination occurs, or by shooting small dart like objects you have in your inventory for that elimination, you can also push the opponent off the map to
get that needed kill. Form Ball involves a large Football, and the objective is to ultimately score goals to win the match..
and as you can guess it’s harder to do than said, this when you can get eliminated just like in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch if you don’t keep your eye’s open
for other players.

There is also a custom game section, where you can set up private matches with your friends, or just use to check out all the different Maps/Arena and modes if you want.
You can also add dummy players (AI) into the mix.

Deformers also supports local splitscreen multiplayer, if you have friends over.

Currently there are a total of 8 standard maps for Death Match and Team Deathmatch and 1 arena for Form ball.

By completing games you earn in game currency which can be used in the Workshop which I cover down below, but also by completing games you advance in rank,
and can even prestige your rank over again. This ranking up system has no effect on your form though, or giving it extra abilities.

Game Play

In game mechanics work fine and the controls are smooth and responsive, also simple enough for anyone to pick up Deformers quickly and get a hang of it.
RT for Dashing towards an enemy with super speed, LT to become a block that other Forms take damage from upon crashing into… RB for shooting darts which seem
to do little damage when everyone is dashing around in super speed. (these Darts can be picked up once shot)
There are also various power ups dropped in game when playing, which can give you an advantage over the opposition.


The workshop is where you can unlock your new squishy characters, there are currently 44 different forms you can purchase, this either by winning in game currency or
purchasing gold coins directly from the Xbox Marketplace for faster unlocking at various prices for different packs, the options are 10x 40x and 100x coins.

With the 44 different forms, you have alot of cute squishy options .. from inflated hamsters to cows, sharks, cupcakes and even a hamburger.
These can be the further customized with additions of Hats, glasses, backpacks, taunts/tags to use in game and Emotes to give a visual que with.
Needless to say this is quite fun to toy around with, you can create some really funny looking forms.

Final thoughts.

I like the concept of cute squishy customizable forms brawling it out, but..

With the limited amount of game modes & maps (8) + 1 form ball arena currently available in game and the lack of a larger player base making it
hard to find full lobbies for games will frustrate you.. atleast right now.

We can only hope that there will be more addons to the game in the future, and a price drop.. to increase the player base.

As it is a game that if built on further, that could be a really fun experience for all.

But for now, I’m giving Deformers a 6/10

Review code supplied by developer.

Release Date: April 21st, 2017
Developer : Ready At Dawn
Platforms : Xbox One / PC / PS4

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