Destiny 2 review Xbox One

Jari Välimäki

Destiny 2 story

Once you’ve made the selection to either play as a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock
the game kicks off with a bang straight into a firefight of epic proportions.

The Cabal are back from the original title in 2014, and are now invanding Earth. Not to give away too much of the story,
Dominus Ghaul and the Red Legion are hell bent on taking the travellers powers for himself.

The invasion leads to some of the guardians fleeing, and it’s up to you to find Cayde-6, Zavala and Ikora Rey scattered around locations such as Titan,
Io and Nessus whilst gathering your lost power to ultimately secure the city back.

Destiny 2 Gameplay

There has been some changes from the original title, if you played the first title you would be familiar with the term light, which has now
been changed into Power to suit the story tie in. Also each character type has a new sub-class that replaces one of the original three from the old game.
Specifically, the Dawnblade replaces the Warlock’s Sunsinger, the Arcstrider is Hunter’s Bladedancer and the Sentinel becomes Titan’s Defender.

Also one of the things that I found a little bit annoying in the first title, was that you had to orbit to be able to launch another activity.
This has now been fixed and you can launch an activity or location directly without going into orbit.

There’s plenty to do in Destiny 2, with the main game (story) portion holding 16 missions before the end game content,
and once you’ve finished that and leveled up beyond power level to +260, this is where the real grind for awesome loot starts.

I’ve spent around 20 hours on each of the 3 classes that you can play as to finish the story, some strikes, crucible action and so on to reach a power level of
+260, once you’ve reached the +260 power level there are new things to occupy your time with. This opens up to you new challenges such as the Nightfall Strike,
The Leviathan Raid, and also the 4v4 PvP action Trials Of The Nine.

There is also a new nifty feature called Guided Games within Destiny 2, as not all players can or have the chance to gather up a party of friends to take on
a raid. The guided games will be available on Normal difficulties for raids, but not on Hard mode. So this is a welcome addition for sure.

The Crucible (PvP mode) has had some changes also from the original Destiny, the PvP action now being 4v4 across all modes.
There is also a total of 5 modes now available, the classics such as Control, Clash, Supremacy, Survival and Countdown a new mode added in.

Countdown is about planting and defusing bombs, with the first team to win 6 rounds.
Clash is the classic “team deathmatch” mode first to 75 kills wins or highest score if time runs out.
Supremacy similar to Clash, but collect more Crests than the other team to win.
Survival similar to Clash, team has a total of eight lives. Each time a member of your team dies, you lose a life. The first team to run out of lives loses.
Control capturing and holding points, A B and C, first to 75 points wins.

Trials of the nine (PvP mode) in which you need a fire team (4 players), and to be eligable to participate you have had to finish the campaign and play
enough Crucible matches and earn the Call to Arms Milestone. The idea here is with your fireteam to win 7 seven matches against other
players fireteams to gain some powerful gear and access to a new social area.

Now that we’ve gone through the new additions and features of Destiny 2,
The game itself playing PvP or Story content handles absolutely fantastic, the controls are smooth and responsive. And it is very easy to loose track of time with
Destiny 2, I’ve found myself quite a few times saying I’ll just play a few more Crucible matches and go do that activity and all the sudden 5 hours later on I am
still at it.

And Graphically Destiny 2 is just gorgeous, the use of colorful textures is a pleasure to behold as you can see from the above screenshots.
Also with the upcoming release in November of the Microsoft Xbox One X one can hope that Destiny 2 will receive a 4K update to take the visuals even further.

As with the previous Destiny title, the music in game is absolutely stellar beautiful, same as the Voice acting is top class.

To give my final words on Destiny 2

If you feel that grinding and spending hours upon hours isn’t necessarily for you.. but like a good story.
It is a game that is worth to pick up just to experience the epicness of Bungies ability to tell stories, I promise you won’t be dissapointed.
But if you feel that grinding and spending hours upon hours is your thing..
Then what are you waiting for? go get it.

I’ve enjoyed tremendously the hours I’ve put in so far, and there’s so much to do still in this game. Also keeping in mind, that there will be plenty
of DLC coming in the future to look forward to.

Release PlayStation 4, Xbox One
WW: September 6, 2017
Microsoft Windows
WW: October 24, 2017

Review code supplied by Activision.

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