DiRT 4 Review (Xbox One)

Jari Välimäki

Dirt is back baby! DiRT 4 follows a long line of games in the series such as the iconic Colin McRae Rally (1998)
to the previous installment of DiRT Rally (2015).

DiRT 4 features a whole lot to do, from Rally to Rallycross and Landrush to Historical Rally.
And with over 50 cars from Ford Fiesta R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Subaru WRX STI NR4 to Audi Sport quattro S1 E2

The locations are also numerous from America to Australia and everything in between.
I’ll talk more about the locations below.

Talking about the modes

Rally features tracks from Australia, Spain, Michigan (USA), Sweden and wales.
The tracks range in career mode from short/fast 4 checkpoints to long +6 checkpoint races as you progress.
The tracks also prove pretty challenging as they are narrow and jumpy/curvy as you would expect in Rally.
Sweden also features snow covered tracks which is also providing it’s own challenges with the snow banks being high, and the roads narrow.

Weather also plays a big role overall in the game, certain tracks have light rain/heavy shovers to slight fog/heavy fog which raises the overall difficulty nicely.
Historical rally features vintage rally cars, and these as you can expect handle differently than their modern counterparts,
the locations are also scattered across the globe within this series.

Rallycross features Montalegre (Spain), Loheac Bretagne (France), Hell (Norway), Holijes with Lydden Hill (UK).
This mode Quickly became one of my favorite modes driving in the career mode.
The races range from short 4 lap races to 6 lap races as you progress in the ladder fighting for that semi final and final spot to win the respective country race.
It’s a fast paced and action packed race, fighting against the CPU driven cars.

Landrush again features tracks from California, Nevada and Mexico in short-course dirt tracks, here the vehicle options range from Buggies to Supertrucks and Crosskarts.
This is also a fast paced aggressive style of racing where alot of collisions happen, and you could spin or break your car easily depending on how you drive.
The buggies and supertrucks handle completely differently so it can take a while to get used to the steering comparing to the Rally cars.

Joyride comes with smash challenges that puts your collecting skills against your lap times.
If you hit the right collectables you’ll deduct time, hit the wrong ones and you’ll add to your time.
It is fun, but also quite challenging, so once you hit a good time you can send that challenge to your friends in game to try and beat you.

Then there is the DiRT Academy, which helps you learn if you are new to rally, and is located at DirtFish Rally School in Washington.
Even if you are a familiar racer, it is worthwhile heading back to school even just for a while to see if there’s anything you might have forgotten.

Competetive mode features Daily, weekly and month-long challenges against fellow players from around the world.

Last but not least.

Freeplay mode features a custom track generator, which means you will never run out of tracks to play.
Here you can set the difficulty and length of stages, as well as the weather.
Be it sunny days to fog or rainy nights.. this should keep you occupied for sure


When you start your career, you create a team. This involves hiring of different personnel such as Mechanics and PR People to help you with
your career progression. As you progress in driving races you’ll earn Credits and Levels (both play part in upgrades). To upgrade the cars in your team,
you need first to invest in a R&D Department, once you’ve started to upgrade the other facilities (certain driving levels needed) you can hire more personnel eventually.

It’s easy to side track these upgrades when you really want to buy new cars with that hard earned CR from races. But it’s worth it in the long run, with cheaper
maintenance costs for parts during races, and hiring costs for other personnel when you have hired the right highly skilled agent due to upgrading facilities.

There is also the ability to customise the appearance of your team, color and sponsors (sponsor amount unlocks by upgrading facilities)
This is all applied to your owned cars once you have tweeked it to your liking.

All this is done through a series of sliders, which include a decent amount of colors and types of vinyl you can add to your car. There are certain things missing
that I would have liked to customize such as rims, your racing helmet and suit.. (perhaps these will be included in a future update?).

There is alot of tweaking you can do to your car pre race, and if you are non-tweaking person like me you probably won’t spend alot of time in those options.
But if you do like to tweek and fiddle with settings, there is a ton you can do to customize things. And luckily you can save the settings so before each race
you do not have to manually tweek again.


When you start the game for the very first time, you get the choice between Gaming vs Simulation steering.
The biggest difference between the two modes is that if you like it to feel more like you are driving a real car,
Simulation mode is definitely for you (also if you own a steering wheel & pedals).
It is easier to hold a prolonged drift in Gaming steering, but ultimately the difference is not that big.

Overall the controls are very responsive in this game, and feel good.


Graphically DiRT 4 is a nice looking game on the Xbox One, specially with the weather effects in play..
With the upcoming launch of the Xbox One X later this year, there has been talks about DiRT 4 also receiving a 4K update.
But we will know for sure on a later date if that or when it will happen.


Besides the cars sounding awesome, turbos whistling and whining.. exhaust pipes booming
the MUSIC is absolutely TOP notch in this game.. ! There are some fantastic tunes in here.

Final thoughts

DiRT 4 is a must for any car game lover, this entry is so much fun and filled with things to do.
You will never run out of tracks to play in this game, with the custom track generator..
And that music oh that music is just so good..

And well worth the asking price.

Release Date : June 6th 2017
Available on : PC / Xbox One / Playstation 4

Price Xbox One : 59.99 USD , 69.99 EUR , 54.99 GBP
Price Playstation 4 : 59.99 USD , 69.99 EUR , 54.95 GBP

Review code supplied by Developer.

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