Formula 1® 2018 Review Playstation 4

Jari Välimäki

Formula 1® 2018 Review

The 2018 Formula 1® season is in full swing with 6 races to go and the championship is
there for the grabs, but meanwhile last weekend and this week I had the time to sit down
And race for the virtual world championship with this years release on the Playstation 4.

F1 2018 builds ontop of last years title with new features to make the game deeper than ever,
Not only have the new car looks been added to the game, the physics have been improved and the game looks
and sounds better than ever.

Formula 1 2018 features alot of racing to choose from; be this a single Grand Prix race or a
fullblown Championship/Career to compete in; or the outstanding Multiplayer racing mode.

Career mode will span for years forward as you try to conquer world championship / constructors championship
and the newly improved tech-tree of your chosen team, be that Ferrari, Mercedes, Force India or Redbull,
all the teams that compete in the official 2018 championship are here as you would expect from this licensed title.

Each of the teams now feature their own unique tech-tree with upgrades that could potentially change with regulation changes.
As you progress deeper into the series, this makes it even more exciting than ever as you choose what to build on next to
stay competitive.

One of the new features that has been added to this years title is the introduction of Interviews after sessions,
the answers you give which are time limited affect your status as a sportsman like driver or show-boating driver which do
affect your contract negotiations within the team as you strive for that 1st Driver spot.

The interview section is something I’d like to see personally improved upon in the 2019 title. The questions become repetitive
as the season chugs along, and it would also be interesting to see different reporters asking you questions in the future.
This all adds though to the Formula 1 circuses authenticity and overall is a good addition. So thumbs up for that

Championship Mode again features the official 2018 season to compete in with a wide variety of customizable options.
This includes changing race lengths, practice durations (weekend lengths in essence), making it perfect for your
racing needs, as not everyone would like to sit through the full practice sessions of a weekend being 240 minutes in total
for practice sessions 1-3 with a full qualification session ontop and then ofcourse the 100% race.

The AI driver level can also be fully modified to your needs, if you are a newcomer to the series it might be advisable to
start at the Easy level (20) to ease yourself in, but this can be changed all the way to 110% for Ultimate difficulty,
in between there is though Medium, Hard and Expert difficulty to choose from.

And as you guessed Assists and Weather (dynamic) effects are also fully customizable, so if you prefer to change your gears manually or
turning off traction control, you can do that too.

Besides the official 2018 Season in Championship mode, the mode also features classic championship series where you can drive iconic cars
such as the 1972 Lotus all the way to the 2010 Ferrari. This brings new challenges to your driving challenge, as the cars handle
alot differently than their 2018 counterparts. This also adding to the longevity for the gameas a whole.

During the career mode you are also introduced as in the F1® 2017 title, to invitational events between races and these are present here too.
You can complete these invitational events separately also under the championship season structure. The challenges here range from, driving
with iconic cars such as the 1982’s McLaren in Mexico under a time attack or a check point challenge in Monaco.

Multiplayer this year features Ranked and Unranked races, with the familiar online championship so you can compete with friends or strangers.

Settings in here can be changed just as in the championship or career mode to suit your needs, with the all important option of
turning on/off collisions if you are hosting your own races, others might have collisions turned on for that maximum dose of realism.

Graphically and soundwise this game is gorgeous on the standard Playstation 4 slim which I have reviewed this game on.
There are no noticable hickups within the game, and the loading times are fast. The car sounds are spectacular and sound realistic.

I have added a whole ton of screen captures from within the game for your enjoyment.

As final words for F1® 2018, I would like to say the following.

It’s a Formula 1 fans must buy, and to folks who enjoy racing games in general I would highly recommend it. The diverse modes in this game
will make you play it til the next title in the series is launched for sure. It looks good, sounds good, drives well and now all that
is left to do is to go out there and win that Championship! what are you waiting for,

Formula 1® 2018 is out now Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Check your local game store or online shops for pricing.

Review copy supplied by publisher.

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