Formula Retro Racing PC review

Jari Välimäki

Formula Retro Racing

Formula Retro Racing totally threw me back in time to 1994 when Virtua Racing
launched on the Sega Genesis, a game that not only looked fantastic but also
was fast paced, and featured gameplay that you’ve had pretty much only seen in
arcades back then, polygons were hot back then, and in 2020 they still are.

Repixel8 is the studio behind Formula Retro Racing, a one man studio.
And what can I say, he’s done a fantastic job to build up a game that is
equally fun to play as the 1994 hit, a title that looks and burns rubber like 2020.

What you get when purchasing Formula Retro Racing is a racer, that features
difficulty levels from Beginner to Expert on 8 tracks ranging from Oval to Monaco
style-esque city racing with some quite catchy Music.

A eliminator mode, where you can challenge yourself to see how many times you can
lap a track staying in the top 10 (earning points for each lap, to help with unlocking).
A free practice mode, and finally a leaderboard so you can compare your point haul to others.

Starting out the game on Beginner might make me you feel invincible and laugh
in the face of the other drivers that this is all too easy, until you stumble
across that the game features some antics like you’ve got to beat me on a higher
level to unlock the last tracks of the game… and now it’s the game that is
laughing at you, and challenging you, which is also why it becomes addictive.

What this means is winning races on various difficulty settings unlocks points
that are needed to unlock the last 3 locked tracks of the game as you go on.
What you get for beating a track at different levels, Beginner equaling 20,
Advanced 40 and Expert 60. And to unlock the final 3 tracks a total point
haul of 50, 125 and 200 is needed.

Here is also where it becomes tricky, playing on Beginner difficulty mode
has some hidden assists to help you out.. crashing into opponents or walls
more or less just slow you down, whilst the higher difficulty levels
reset your car after going into pieces, making it so you really have to focus
on not hitting anything while trying to win a race, it’s carmageddon all the
sudden! But this is all part of the fun, and a proper challenge for you
to overcome.

While the Racer in todays standards does not feature the usual 300 cars
and 140 race locations we’ve more or less become used to, for the
price tag of 10 EUR / 12 USD it’s hard not to recommend the game, it’s
graphically beautiful, has a catchy tune, runs at a 144hz on most setups.
The Developer listens to feedback, and is looking into adding more modes
over time.

There’s not too many negatives I can say about the game, perhaps the most
irritating one would be that going flat out on the easy modes in the
beginning is hearing the constant maxed out engine. Honestly, that’s it
there just isn’t many negatives to be said.

Now what are you waiting for? go grab a copy.

Formula Retro Racing is out on Xbox One and PC Steam.
Please see your local store for pricing.

Thank you to the Developer for the review code.

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