Gears Tactics – PC Review

Jari Välimäki

Gears Tactics

Gears is back, with a new bold twist in the form of an
Turn Based Strategy game, it is still the good old
Gears universe we love and know, Familiar friends and foes,
Guns.. bayonettes and chainsaw brutality, everything
is here, only this time from a top down view for you
to unleash hell on.

What more could you ask for when you plan your strategic
moves to take out the locusts, that have the same plan of taking
you out in numbers, Before you get to the mad scientist
Ukkon, whom is hell bent on creating monsters to conquer
everyone and everything.

The story for Gears tactics, is that it takes place
12 years before the initial story of Gears Of War.
I’ll keep the main plot intact, without spoilers;
so you can enjoy the game for yourself.

But the gist of the story is that Ukkon has unleashed
his monsters on the Planet Sera, where you are stationed as
a motorpool Sergeant. And in more or less a final effort,
the government orders hammer of dawn strikes to try and stop Ukkons forces,

The plan fails! surprise, and you Gabriel Diaz, Kate Diaz’s
(Gears Of War 5) father, get the secret order to take out
Ukkon before everything is lost.

During the 20+ hours of the campaign, you will come across
familiar faces such, Cole Train from previous Gears
Of War installments, and new friends as the story progresses.
Major Sid Redburn and Mikayla (the 2 other faces associated with the game).

And that’s where I will end things about the story.

As you play a long the campaign, you will at certain points rescue
more soldiers to add to your roster. Depending on the difficulty you
will play the game on, just as in other Turn Based games, you might
loose some soldiers here and there, and that’s where the recruitment
pool comes in handy.

There are 5 types of soldiers you can recruit,
these being class based, Heavy, Scout, Sniper, Support and Vanguard.
Each of the classes come with their own perk points system, that upgrade
the abilities that range from everything adding more health, to finishing
off enemies for extra moves. There is a bit of planning to do here,
to suit your play style, so choose wisely.

Not only limited to class-based upgrades, there is a loot system in place
that you can really take advantage of whilst playing the missions,
by picking up cases spread around the maps. These cases can be opened
after the mission “in base”, and the upgrades range from
armor pieces, sights, handles, ammo drums, to skills.

And I feel that I have to mention this, there is no store in game,
for purchasing loot cases. So everything you earn, is just by playing
the game, There is though a redeem code section (assuming) this
will be for new gear cosmetics from purchasing something
Gears has partnered with in the future.

Also there is massive amounts of customization you can do for your squad,
Changing the color of the armor or guns to anything that suits you,
It’s a fun little feature, if you care about this kind of thing.

One of the small grieves I have with the game is the amount of side missions
that you will go through on your playthrough, some of the them really
feel more like content fillers to drag out on the total playtime,
instead of having any actual value to the story.

The side missions often contain a ton of Loot Cases for you to pick up
so eventually you will end up with so much useless loot, common pieces
when you have equipped better gear, that it’ll get on your nerves too.

The game itself looks fantastic, and on my i5 & 2060 setup I had no
trouble playing the game on 1440p with ultra/high settings, with large
enemies on screen and explosions happening turn after turn this all
went smoothly, and without any noticeable frame drops during my play time.
Thanks to the great engine that is Unreal Engine, and good optimization.

The Voice acting for the cut-scenes are well made, I did not feel like
I’d want to skip them at any point.. that some games in the past has
had me do. Not only the voice acting, but the cut-scenes themself in
the game, is the top class production we’ve become used to seeing
in Gears Of Wars games.

If you are purchasing the Steam version of the game, there is Xbox Live
logins involved, meaning that you can earn Xbox Live Achievements if that
is your thing, you can also either Purchase Gears Tactics from tomorrow
28/04 on the Microsoft Store, or play it directly with your
Xbox Ultimate Game Pass day one.

Final Words

I’ve had fun playing the game, and for anyone that is a fan of Turn Based
Strategy games, or Gears Of War. I recommend you check it out, there is
a boom blast to be had here. And it’s a welcoming entry to Turn Based games,
meaning that even if you have not played Turn Based games before, you
will pick it up easily, and thanks to multiple difficulty settings,
you can for sure find the option that suits YOU, for that playthrough.

Thank you to Xbox for sending me the review code for Gears Tactics.

Gears tactics is out on PC Steam and Microsoft Store 04/28/2020.
Xbox One version will be published later in 2020, follow the official
Gears social media channels to stay updated on a release date.

Gears Tactics Launch Trailer

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