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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint PC Review

Jari Välimäki

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint PC Review

It has been a bit over 2 years since Ghost Recon Wildlands
placed us in Bolivia to clean up Cartel activity. Now
following that succesful mission, We are back on duty tasked
with a new mission to find out; what in the world is going on
in the South Pacific and the Auroa islands with Ghost Recon:

Sent in to find out what has happened after a cargo ship is
sunk of the coast of Auroa, the Islands owned by the billionaire
tech mogul Jace Skell, the Ghost teams find themself in a whole
heap of trouble and alot of questions after their helicopter
being “shot” down by something.

Most of the Ghosts are dead, and the survivors scattered
over different parts of Auroa. It’s now up to you (and co-op)
friends if you chose to play co-op, to find out what is going on.
(Co-op can be played with 4 players)

Breakpoint differs in many ways from Wildlands, it is a slower
paced game, that sees you out-numbered by enemies and their AI
based weapon systems, and places more focus on surviving and
piecing together information.

Among the new things you can do in the game is camouflage yourself
with mud (hiding in it), adding to the spec of realism, but not
only limited to that, just as in real life you the player will
face hunger, thirst, and fatigue (example: from rolling down a slope)
to counter the effects, you will need to collect from the wild
items, to make bandages, food, and collect water from drinkable
sources. This in all makes the game more enjoyable in my opinion.

On the spec of realism, compared to the other games, the enemies
in Breakpoint also wander around the world map looking for things
and if you aren’t careful with managing your fatigue, they can
more easily hear your footsteps and such, also the enemies use
of drones when suspicious something is in the vicinity.. enhances
the chances of you being detected and more reinforcements sent
to the area to hunt you down.

Breakpoints main missions are cleverly written, and there’s alot
of detective work to be done in the game. As you can see from the
Image galleries in this article, there are investigations to pursue
in finding out who and what is causing / behind things.
You will learn throughout the game more about the characters in the
story, and perhaps a motive of why some are doing what they are.

And as you probably are aware, Jon Bernthal (Walking Dead) and several
other talented people are Voiced in the game and appearance wise featured.

But I won’t spoil any of that, because I want you to find out yourself
by playing the game.

Main missions aren’t just like in the old days, go in and wipe out
everyone to get pointed in the right direction. Now you can enter
missions areas, and find people to talk to about a specific thing
to get more clues to progress on the main objective, piecing together
information in the objectives menu, will also garner you XP points
that level you up, and gain you skill points to continue your
specialization in different areas, basics, weapons, survival,
and so on.

You can also specialize within different classes if you so choose
and the classes are as follows, Field Medic, Assault, Panther and
Sharpshooter. More classes to follow post-launch meaning most
likely end of the year, and into 2020.

This indepth focus on specilizations/detective work makes the
game feel more immersive and adds a welcomed layer in my opinion
to build on a solid foundation, that is the shooter at core.

Fast travel within the world, is done from camps or as the game likes
to call it Bivouacs.. (meaning open site camp in military terms)
This is also your place; when unlocked across the world, where
you can replenish health, stamina, use buffs, change classes and
craft items, you can also unlock the multitude of vehicles in the
game from here, this being cars, motorbikes, quads, helicopters.
The game has a large selection of vehicles, just like in Wildlands.

Auroa features the largest map to date in the Ghost Recon series,
and different enviroments, from snowvy mountains to wet grasslands
and everything in between. You will also find different types of
People in the world, Not only the Sentinel soldiers whom are hunting
you down, but also Homesteaders who have settled on Auroa prior
to everything happening, Outcasts who are former employees of Skell
Technologies, and then Skell Tech employees who also live on the
Island. So there is a nice blend of everything in the game, not
everything you come across is necessarily going to kill you directly.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint itself features for the main game,
28 main quests, with 30 Auroa missions, and daily faction missions.

Auroa missions is helping out the local people, with various things.
And the Faction missions, are for Homesteaders / Outcasts which
will gain you new rewards, and change on the daily.

Ps. There are also plenty of Easter Eggs hidden around the world,
so keep your eye’s peeled.

I’ve been having a ton of fun with the game, and we all play
differently, so it’s hard to put a time stamp on how long it will
take to complete the game, my suggestions is don’t worry about that
and just go in and have fun and enjoy what the game throws at you.
Eventually you will finish all the main missions and side quests,
but you will have the 4v4 competitive mode to look forward to as well
when you get to that point.

Also the plan for the game in later stages, is to include more
content, Episodical which will start to drop from 2020 onwards.
Raids, and live events are also part of the plan.

So you can definitely look forward to a ton of hours spent in Auroa.

Ps. And below you will find additional images of the customization / map

PC system requirements

Final Words:

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was on my radar straight after I saw the
first reveal video, and my feelings now after playing the game for
a few days, is that the game is just what I want from a Ghost Recon
game myself, tense action, well written (not overly complicated) story
with returning characters from Wildlands. A large Island archipelagoe
to explore, with a ton of customization of literally everything.

If you enjoyed Wildlands, and want a new challenge, this game is
definitely for you, if you like shooters this game is for you.
Want to try something new? this game is for you. So yes, I do
recommend you give it a try.

And the good thing is that if you play on PC, you don’t have to shell
out a fortune like with most new games, you could subscribe to
the Ubisoft, uPlay+ service for 14.95 a month where the game is
included in it’s Ultimate Edition packaging for you to play with
every other Ubisoft title launched.

Thank you to Ubisoft for the review copy of the game.

Please see your local store / online store for your regions pricing.

The game is out now on PC / Xbox One / Playstation 4.

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