Greedfall Xbox One Review

Jari Välimäki

Greedfall Review

Spiders the French Indie developer behind past titles such as
The Technomancer (2016) and Bound By Flame (2014) brings us the newly
released 17th century RPG Greedfall.

Greedfall caught my eye a good while back, the games setting
and art style looked stylish, and the more I read about the game;
I knew I wanted to try it out as it released.

Who could say no to diplomatic pressure, and violence set in a
gorgeous fantasy world?

The premise for the game is that you the player (generic) either
Male or Female with a good variety of customization options,
(which is always a good thing when it comes to RPGs).
Is about to set out on a grand epic journey to find
A cure for the deadly incurable disease that has ridden the home continent.

Without spoilers for the story as we go along, I will talk only about
the setting/character/quest you are about to embark on, as this will be explained
to you in the opening hour of the game as you progress.

You are the heir to the Congregation of Merchants powerful De Sardet family
And have taken on the role of a diplomat for the adventure you are about
to embark on, The new found land called Teer Fradee. A mythical,
exotic island that has now been populated by other factions in the world
as well as the native people of the land, the island is filled with
mysteries/secrets and monsters to be uncovered and defeated as you
go a long, and not forgetting diplomacy to earn friends and foes to
ultimately get to your goal.

As you go along during the game, right from the start you will start
building your group by adding members by finishing quests
and straight talking / answering questions. Your group will grow
while doing initial tasks even before embarking to Teer Fradee.
There are a total of 6 companions.

Ps. Also in Greedfall it is possible to Romance your companions.

You can assign armor and weapons to your party members,
but you cannot not manage their skills or combat tactics which is a bit
dissapointing in such. For yourself ofcourse at the start of the game,
you had the choice of Warrior, Technical, and Magic to choose from,
as your starting class.

And as you level up, you can specialize in charisma, intuition,
and lockpicking. All which come with their own advantages.

As you encounter combat, you will notice the game relies heavily
on dodge and counter/heavy attacks, or ranged attacks from firearms,
but a little bit of clunky controls took me time to get used to.
I noticed I tried to get out of the way, and got stunned often.

(In a way, think Final Fantasy XV free form combat)

It could be just me, that found the combat control/movement different.
And you would be totally fine with it.

Teer Frade as a world is large, and even if the game per se is not
a fully open world game, there is plenty of things to do in the narrowed
down areas you play.

Quests are well written during the game, and keep you wanting more.
(alot of listening and reading required) 🙂
Visual indicators also ensure that you don’t get lost finding a quest.

The game like I mentioned prior, has several other nations/factions involved

The Congregation of Merchants: A trading Nation ruled by prince merchants.
The Bridge Alliance: Seeking to learn more about the world.
The Coin Guard: Mercenaries
Thélème: A nation where magic users represent both religious and political power.
The Nauts: The only guild of navigators that can cross the high sea.
Teer Fradee: The Natives who live in harmony with nature.

And when all of these co-exist on the Island, with their own motives.
Be it, to control the natives, populate the whole land and such.
You might end up doing favors for some that might anger the other.

More or less, all the decisions you will be making will
affect the game in some way. And once you reach the end
it’s not really the end. Spoiler -> (there are different endings)

You will spend somewhere on either side of 40 hours to complete
a playthrough of Greedfall.

Greedfall is not as in depth as compared to The Witcher III or
a Dragon Age game, but still in my opinion is a solid RPG game.

Not only on the Xbox One is the game in 4K but also 60fps.
It also features some nice music, and talented voice acting in game.
Whilst the facial animations might not be up there with the best
it’s still more than a decent effort from Spiders.

Also the game is priced at a AA level, so around half the price
for what a new AAA title goes for these days, and for that price
I can definitely recommend you give Greedfall a spin.

Review copy provided by the Publisher.

Greedfall is out now. On PC / Xbox One / Playstation 4

See your local gamestore for geographical pricing
or the online store for your console of choice.

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