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Jari Välimäki

GRID Review

2019 has been a great year for racing fans, I think about
Formula 1 2019, Dirt Rally 2.0, and now GRID.. what do all
the games have in common? well CODEMASTERS is behind every
single one of them. Codemasters has a long standing in the
racing game genre, and it really shows here. I would go as
far and say, GRID so far has been really enjoyable and I
definitely consider it to be one of my Racing games of the
year due to being a ton of good looking fun.

Let’s dive right into it!

Jumping in to the game, unlike many other titles there
is no overwhelmingness of menus to skim through and figuring
out what to do next, GRID gives you exactly 2 options..
Go Racing, and then you need to decide wheter you will race
on your career mode or jump into a multiplayer lobby with
upto 15 friends a private race or go public racing.

There is a massive selection of Races in the career mode,
Which of more will unlock as you progress.
(as you can see from posted pictures above) Your career
will span from racing Morris Minis -> Hypercars, with
a bit of everything in between. These races are all divided
into car categories, such as Touring, Stock, Tuner, GT and
Fernando Alonso specials with invitational events also
available as you progress.

When I say massive selection

I really mean it. As of right now there are over 80 routes
to race on, from city tracks to proper racing tracks, with
more being added to the game in form of DLC later on.
Some fans might recognize tracks from earlier GRID games,
as they return this year.

Here’s the detailed list of tracks available in GRID.

– Barcelona
– Brands Hatch
– Crescent Valley
– Havana
– Indianapolis
– Okutama GP
– Okutama Sprint
– San Francisco
– Sepang International Circuit
– Shanghai
– Silverstone Circuit
– Sydney Motorsport Park
– Zhejiang Circuit

The plan is to add 90 extra career events over 3 seasons,
giving you 30 extra routes to race per time and 4 cars per
season (a total of 12 new) ontop of the good amount of choice
that is in game already. Right now the car total is 70
to choose from pre-DLC. These include cars from Brands such
as Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Honda,
Nissan and many more.

What really is great about the game is the built in Nemesis
system, you hit another player hard enough and it drives
them over the edge (pun intended), prompting some seriously
mad driving from their part, you better watch out when you
have a red helmet driver behind you.

Not only is the Nemesis system a great feature in the game,
but also having the choice of picking your team mate and
giving them orders also is. Starting the game, winning
races (skillful driving earns you also extra) earns you
in-game currency that then can be spent on unlocking be
it cars, or in this case team mates.

Having a good team-mate means 2 things, he can block
over-takes from behind for you, and he can push when
you aren’t doing so hot. Your team mates finishing position
also generates ingame currency at the end of the race,
so having a good team is definitely worth it.

Team mates come in various skill and loyalty levels.
(meaning they won’t get annoyed if you bump into them) as
quickly perhaps as someone else in the game, but they
also cost your hard earnt currency, so pick and choose well.


Multiplayer is straight forward racing other online players
on all tracks / cars available in different rotating modes.

Or with 15 of your friends in a private race capacity.
Where you can set the tracks and cars to your liking.

Lobbies fill up with AI players in the public races, if
they are not filled up. And you have an Drivatar of
Fernando Alonso also participating if this happens.

Difficulty settings,

GRID can be enjoyed by essentially everyone due to the multitude
of difficulty settings you can fiddle with.
From very-easy all the way up to very-hard, you should be able
to customize yourself a sweet spot that suits your racing
needs. The customizable options allow for Flashbacks
(Forza style flashbacks), Damage levels, and Terminal Damage,
and turning off/leveling all assists that might help keep your
car on the road, aka. ABS/SCS/TCS.

Graphically GRID is a solid title, I have played the game
on The Xbox One X, and the game looks absolutely stunning
in it’s 4K resolution and 60fps, this is the same engine
for the game, that is used in F1 2019, and Dirt Rally 2.0
so it’s proven, works, and looks fab, be it raining on track
, night time, or a sunny day.. it all comes out fantastic.

I always wish I could speak in more detail about sounds in game
but I am by no means an audio professional, the game sounds
fantastic by all means, the cars, the music tracks are all
solid in game. The only thing that kind of bugs me is the
commentary done by in game, there is not alot of dialogue
and the same lines are over-used quite alot.

Final words :

GRID is a solid racing game, that is a ton of fun to play
be it that you are a seasoned veteran of racing games
or a total new comer to the series, there is plenty
of racing to enjoy for everyone; whatever your skill level
is, It’s simple & fast to get into, but hard to master.

If you pick up the title starting tomorrow Friday 11th
of October, I can guarantee you will have countless
hours of fun here, and definitely a title worth placing
your hard earnt real word cash on.

Thank you to Codemasters for supplying a review code.

Please see your local / online store for geographical pricing.

GRID Ultimate Edition is out now on PC/PS4 and Xbox One.
GRID standard edition is out on October 11th for above systems.

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