GRIP: Combat Racing review Xbox One

Jari Välimäki

GRIP: Combat Racing

Say you take a little bit of Wipeout, a spoonful of Mario Kart
and add in a bit TrackMania turbo, good music and throw it in the
food mixer, what do you get? You get a fast paced solid looking
futuristic hardcore racer where cars behave like none other today in the name of
GRIP Combat Racing.

The title is developed by Caged Element and Published by Wired Productions.

GRIP Combat Racing features single player and multiplayer action,
with plenty of modes to choose from. Let’s list some of the modes;

There is campaign action in form
of Tournaments and as you progress the difficulty levels go up, this is a
good starting point for your GRIP career to get familiar with the controls,
bonus perks (shields, weapons) and this also includes a short tutorial
featuring above mentioned things.

Single player experience features plenty of modes in the form of Race,
Arena and Carkour (yep, Parkour with cars). Under the classical races
there are Classic, Ultimate, Elimination and Speed demon races to choose
from. Arena on the other hand has Deathmatch where it’s everyone for themself.
Steal the Stash (Capture the flag type mode) and Time Bomb which currently
aren’t playable. Carkour again is all about your precision driving skills.

Online features private matches and quick matches to hook you up with players
from around the world. And then there is the not too often seen Split-Screen
action for that sweet couch rivalry.

As you progress up in levels, you will unlock new cars and not only that
the tons and tons of customization options that comes with them, Tires,
paint jobs, and decals.

There’s tons of settings to tweek with all through the game, be it you
want to just race a Classic Race, you are taken to the configuration screen pre-race
where you can setup anything from Laps, Combatants, Difficulty even to Engine
Power levels to match your own skill-set. Here you can also choose the worlds you
want to drive on, each world features a number of tracks ranging from 5 tracks
to 6 tracks per world, giving you a total of 4 worlds with 22 tracks.

I have included screenshots from the game above also for you to take a look at.

Difficulty wise GRIP Combat Racing is not the easiest game to master,
Even playing on a Easy difficulty level sometimes can feel frustrating until
you master the tracks, as it’s quite easy to get distracted due to the speed
of the game and crash so everyone passes you. But challenge accepted right?
Otherwise the control scheme is responsive and solid for a good playtime.

Graphically GRIP Combat Racing is a good looking title, running at 4K on
the Xbox One X with HDR, no frame dips that I have noticed during gameplay.
One thing that I found that made the game look better in my eyes was to
turn down the Film Grain filter from the Video settings to 0%
But that is down to your personal preference.

Audio wise the game is what you would expect to hear, futuristic car sounds,
missiles and shields popping, fitting the game like a nose fits on the head.
The game also comes with 23 tracks of DnB (drum and bass) to go with,
that fit nicely into the action.

The soundtrack for the game can also be purchased separately.

All in all GRIP Combat Racing is a fun title with plenty of modes to choose from,
tons of customization in game, a sweet soundtrack for Drum and Bass fans, and surely
hours and hours of fun to be had.

And for Xbox fans with Gamepass this is a particularly awesome thing, as the game
is on Xbox Gamepass right now waiting for your download.

If you haven’t tried Gamepass yet, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial to
play over 100 titles including GRIP Combat Racing.

The game is also available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and PC
Please see your local game-store online / on location for pricing respective to your location.

Review code supplied by Developer.

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