The Inner World Review (Xbox One)

Jari Välimäki

The Inner World Story

Asposia is a mysterious world. Surrounded by the endless soil and against all laws of physics, Asposia is located in an enormous hollow space,
which is ventilated solely through three big wind fountains. In this world lives Robert, a naive and cheerful novice of the last wind monestary.

He lives quite an introspective, simple life as court musician in the shadows of his honored master and ideal Conroy. This changes abruptly,
when suddenly one foun-tain after another runs dry and the Windgods befall peaceful Asposia. Now just Robert is in the center of unexpected events!

Together with the mysterious thief Laura, best intentions and not the slightest clue Robert hits the road to solve the secret behind the disappearance of the winds.
During his adventure he not only meets bizarre Asposians, but also really strange animals. In addition, Robert hast to solve tricky puzzles, which only could exist in Asposia.
Is the young adventurer able to save his world? What are Laura’s secrets? And why Robert has such a strange nose?

The Game

Itself has 5 chapters to play, with each of the chapters having a puzzle to solve, people and/or something else to meet with quite alot of funny dialogue.
Each of the play areas within a chapter is designed well, meaning that you do not have to endlessly walk around, but can move fairly straight forward to the areas you need to check out.

And speaking of the dialogue; the voice acting is good in the game, and there is alot of dialogue to go around in your playthrough.

What if I get stuck?

I have those duh moments sometimes where I just can’t seem to figure out what to do next, well the game has a great built in hint-system if that ever happens to you whilst playing.
By hitting the left trigger, you’re shown a list of current tasks and from there you can select the one you need some assistance on to progress.. A nifty feature indeed.

What can I expect in terms of length?

In my playthrough I ended up around 6-7 hours, also note that; I did not get all the Xbox Live achievements within the game.
So a second playthrough would be a must for me to 100% the game.

But whatever your playstyle is, I’m sure you will have fun with this one.


US Price 14.99
Euro Price 13.49 (discounted right now)

In conclusion;

If you like story driven point & click puzzle games, this one is for you.

Review copy provided by Studio Fizbin.

Release Date: March 31st, 2017
Developer : Studio Fizbin
Platforms : Xbox One / PS4 / PC (2013)

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