Iron Wings Xbox One Review

Jari Välimäki

Iron Wings

Iron Wings is the latest release on Xbox One from the Development Team Naps,

The story is about two pilots Jack and Amelia, Jack being of the legendary Tuskegee airmen and Amelia his childhood friend.
Cutscenes take you back to an old Jack talking about the war effort, prior to missions.
Which look a bit dated by today’s standards.

The game kicks off with a fund-raising mission over New York, where you put on a show for the people below to raise funds for the war effort at hand.
This eases you into the games flying mechanics, next up to further familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, you’ll play as Amelia putting out a
barn fire on her homestead with a water bomb, this is where the rest of the mechanics are shown to you (Camera, Bombing Run, Shooting).

Iron Wings is an arcade shooter type of flying game, with some actually pretty cool things such as a slow-motion machine gun view while you hoam in on the enemies,
them being in the air or the ground.. such as flak guns, enemy soldiers or cars. Another neat little mechanic that I liked is when you attack the ground and
steer off towards the sky while not yet finished of all the ground forces, by pressing LB-RB you perform a roll-dive and head straight towards the enemy again.

You can tackle straight up the campaign, and after you’ve finished those missions, you can replay
the missions one by one again to get further Achievements. There is also the arcade mode (which keeps crashing for me) that pits you against squadrons of enemies
that are faster and stronger than yourself, til you get to buy a better plane and upgrade it.

Iron Wings also features a free flight mode, where you can do exactly that.. fly around freely and practice your skills on a chosen map.

The campaign is 12 missions long, and each of the campaign missions is pitted with checkpoints at various points.
At occasions it is a little bit hard to follow what to do, and with timers set on certain missions it can get frustrating pretty fast til you figure out what to do.
Most times you have to give your wingman orders on what to do, And you have to shoot down enemies as fast as you can, to beat that time limit.
There is also the option of changing between Jack and Amelia who you will pilot, which I personally overlooked alot in the heat of battle.

Each of the missions also earn you cash from objectives, this hard earnt cash can then be spent on new planes, new weapons, camos and upgrades for current equipment.
and it will take you a while to get all the equipment and upgrades if that’s your way of playing.

Final thoughts.

I hope the team is working on a patch to reduce the screen tearing and crashes that occur mid game sometimes.
The cutscenes between missions aren’t really top notch and the voice acting is in my opinion not the best,
Still there’s laughs to have (specially when Amelia shouts out things like hit me baby one more time) and the good feels when you’ve downed that plane
that just keeps getting past your aim…

If you take Iron Wings for what it is, not a 3xA game release but an Indie release with some issues currently,
And keep in mind that flying arcade/sims are somewhat of a rarity these days..

I’m sure you’ll have fun with it for a while, since flying and shooting down planes is fun right?

Iron Wings is out now on Xbox One and PC Steam.
Check your Xbox One and or Steam client for local pricing

Review code supplied by Team Naps.

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