Lego DC Super Villains PS4 review

Jari Välimäki

Lego DC Super Villains

TT Games is back with another Lego title and this time with DC Super Villains,
What could be more fun than being the villains for once? it’s not everyday nor
every game where you have the possibility to do this.

The plot itself for DC Super Villains surrounds the Justice League from another
dimension, so quite not the real justice league. Shortly after showing up on earth
and casting a mysterious crystal making the real justice league dissapear, they
pretend that they are here to help whilst at the same time setting up the villains
for crimes they have not commited, as you probably guessed something is quite not
right here (hah) so it’s up to you (your created character) The Rookie who can
absorb new powers and the rest of the super villains to take care of this Justice
League problem. And to avoid a ton of spoilers I’ll leave it at that, so you can
explore the game yourself and have laughs and chuckles. But this I can tell you,
You can look forward to the +12 hours it takes to beat the game.

There’s alot of laughs to be had and when you start the game, the thing I love
is the custom character builder that TT has made for the game, this is really
extensive and you can really make the character truly yours, not only can you
customize the normal things like skin color, arms, legs, torso but throw in the
mix also hands, hats, weapons, capes and you are set for a unique you character.
And for those who just want to jump into the game, there is ofcourse the preset
superheroes to choose from. And gotta love the Selfie mode, for those perfect

The game itself features two difficulties set at Rookie and Veteran, Rookie
ofcourse being the easier option, and Veteran for those who are familiar with
Lego games previously. DC and Lego have really gone the whole way for this
title adding in a whopping 174 characters to play with, these are unlocked
in game, so you’ll be tied up for a quite a while if you want to unlock every
single one, I consider myself not an expert on the DC franchise so to name a few
villains you can play with that I recognize myself include the likes of
The Joker, Harley Quinn, Reverse Flash and the 171 others, on the non villain
side you’ll go toe to toe with Commisioner Gordon, Batgirl and many many more
as the story progresses.

When outside of the campaign missions, you’ll be travelling around a world-hub
in which you can find more activities to play with, these are the likes of;
challenges to beat, tons of side missions to complete, and races to win.
All these activities add to the longevity of the game, and of course
help you in unlocking all the characters.

Graphically DC Super Villains is a gorgeous Lego game, which runs perfectly
without a hitch, it’s smooth city frames for the title.

The voice acting is top notch for the title, but then again how could it not
be with the likes of Mark Hamill as The Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman

Here below is a link to the IMDB page for the full list of voice-actors

IMDB Lego DC Super Villains

The whole story is written in a light hearted way, and leaves you feeling warm
and happy whilst playing it. It is one of the funnier Lego titles I have played
and can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone even if not an expert on the DC
universe. And with more content to come in the future by purchasing the season pass,
you’ll have even more Super Villains to enjoy!

Review code supplied by WB.

Lego DC Super Villains is out now on PC, Xbox, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch
Please see your local game store or online store for pricing.
Season Pass sold separately.

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