Monster Energy Supercross Xbox One Review

Jari Välimäki

Monster Energy Supercross

There’s not too many titles out there, or even over the years that have featured supercross bikes in a stadium packed enviroment.
But Monster Energy Supercross is here now to fill our hunger for that, and it delivers perfectly minus a few hickups.
What could be better than loud engine noises, the smell of gasoline, speed and ridiculously high jumps combined with good music?

The game itself features bikes from 250cc to 450cc that can be played in multiple game modes, from a single player point of view:
you have the option of doing single track races, custom championships, career mode and time attacks which is plenty to choose from.
Not only that, but one of the things that I really like is the longevity the game provides by adding in a track builder, this
enables you to not only create your own race-tracks but also play other players tracks. All accompanied with Leaderboards.

The track builder itself requires a bit of studying to it on how to build a proper track. But there are tutorials that give
you the jist of how things are done.

From a multiplayer point of view the game offers quick matches, and your own lobbies with custom tracks (created by you or others).

Monster Energy Supercross also features alot of customization, this from your bike as you start levelling up all the way to your character
that rides the bike. There are some silly things as Butt-Patches that made me giggle a bit. But most of the upgrades are things that will
impact your driving experience as you play along, specially in the career mode where as you level up and earn credits, you will need to
upgrade your bikes handling, suspension etc to keep it in competitive form against others. The career mode features races all over the
US geographical map, from 250cc divisions set in the East US and West US, and then there’s the 450cc which is spread across the land
as a longer series.

To clarify on the customization, by winning races which in turn will earn you credits/cash and level xp depending on race stats.
And by levelling up after races you unlock new items. The prestige points earned here are for your overall level, and can earn you special items.
And there are tons of options to make your rider and your bike really stand out here.

Graphically Monster Energy Supercross is a beauty to watch, it’s fast paced and colorful and details really stick out. There’s dirt flying
and the crowd is cheering along, but there are also a few minor hickups as I mentioned in the beginning, I’m sure that these minor things
I’m about to point out right now, can and will be fixed in a later patch or patches, I’ve played the game on a Xbox One X.. and most of the races
when you enter the final lap there’s a giant sub-second pause/loading thing that can cause you to jump a bit anywhere really unless
you remember to let go of the controller when you are aiming straight forward. And another thing is that when you crash out or trip over, sometimes
you can get rammed multiple times by AI opponents as soon as you get up. These are though not game breaking in any sense, as luckily also the
game features a rewind function so you can correct yourself before things go south. But if you want to race without having to resort to rewind,
as I said above, these are really minor issues that can and will be sorted out in time.

I spoke of the graphics, and I have added above screenshots from the game so you can get some insight into the looks of the game.
Sound wise, I’m not entirely sure how Supercross bikes really do sound in real life, but as far as the game goes I like the cross bikes sounds.
They rev alot, and the announcer is a true show man, this combined by some good music in the game.. makes overall for good sound in game in my book.

If you like Supercross bikes, or you are completely new to them, Monster Energy Supercross offers alot of fun gameplay spread across various game modes.
There’s ton of fun to be had, and what could be cooler than brag to your friends on who is on the top of the leaderboard.
It’s an adrenaline fueled fun title that deserves your attention though some minor bugs.

Monster Energy Supercross is out now.

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A copy was provided by the publisher for review.

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