MotoGP20 – PC Review

Jari Välimäki


Thankfully games these days have assists, difficulty levels and other options
you can set to your skill level, then there are other games that still test
your skills to the max at the supposed easiest level, MotoGP20 is one of the
games, it really tests you, I mean really tests you.

This does not mean the game is unenjoyable, contrary.. MotoGP20 is one of the
few games where you actually get the ride of your life trying to keep up with
the other riders in your career mode… even if on the easiest setting.

I’m not by any means a pro motorbike game player, I’ve had short stints
with titles such as TT Isle Of Man 2, which I found really enjoyable..
and a ton easier to play than MotoGP20.

MotoGP20, starts you off.. well you can choose if you want to jump into the
big league directly, me being cynical how I would fare I chose the lower
bike division to get accustomed in how the game plays.

I quickly found out that I’m not that great at all on motorbikes, even if
some of the tracks are familiar from other racing games.. such as F1,
where you drive around the track at higher speeds and more grip..

Even if you know the track by heart, the trick just as in real life..
(I guess) on a motorbike, is to break darn early… you can break
alot later with cars, and how the game is setup, but not on MotoGP20,
realism is key here… if you are coming down the straight at 200mph
or as they say in Europe +300kph. It’ll take you a while to break down
to around 50mph-90kph.. to be able to take that corner, and here is where
you will be further tested.. taking that corner isn’t that easy as you
know it on other games, you forgot it’s a motorbike.. you can’t just
throw your left controller stick to the right or left and hope it
all goes well while holding the gas button to the max,

nope.. you gotta let the gas go and lean enough to take the corner,
and if you are brave enough hit a little bit of gas again
so you can amp out of that corner hopefully overtaking one or two
instead of crashing out. (there is thankfully also the rewind button)
so you can retry it, if you manage to make yourself a ragdoll.

This is where the racing part becomes integral of MotoGP20, until you
learn how to take a corner, lean enough, and know when to hit that
gas pedal… other riders will pass you… and if you mess it up
(oh and trust me you will) you will hit another rider and crash out.

With all this in place, playing on the easiest level MotoGP20 is still
a challenging game (atleast for this rookie), and that’s great…
because most games just let you win straight up on easy mode even
without doing, practice, qualifying sessions starting from the rear.

here you have to worry about the bikes setup just as much as how
much you are leaning into a corner at a certain speed.

Choosing tyres, and gasoline amounts… yep it matters.
You won’t have the chance to pit and change tyres, nope! this is MotoGP
so you are stuck with your choices, and petrol is important..

Blowing around the track throttle down 100% lap after lap
might see you not finish the race, because you ran out of gas…
so you got to plan this as well before the race, all adding to the
realism, which I came to love. Starting out in the lower divisions
before rising up to the superbikes with the superstars, is a challenge,
hopefully you can do better than me? 😉

The game also on the side features you running a team of people around you.
So everything plays hand in hand, you do well.. earning credits
from proper finishes, enables you to hire more staff, research better
equipment for your bike. A managerial role, you also have personal
managers to think about.

But besides the regular championship season there is plenty of things
to get your Motorbike fix on, there is the multiplayer option
this year with Dedicated Servers for a smooth experience.

Historical mode, which features weekly challenges for you to take on.

MotoGP20 this year is a fantastic package, this all with the Unreal Engine
running it all beneath the hood. Making it a smooth, puppy from Sounds to
Graphics. I ran the game on my i5 setup 16GB Ram with a 6GB 2060RTX GPU and
high settings on 1440p resolution, this all ran like a dream.

Final words.

If you like racing games in general, but have limited experience with
motorbike games such as the GP series, don’t fret. Give it a little bit
of time, and focus. It might be darn hard to get used to in the beginning
but it will definitely be worth it, since this is racing thanks to the
games AI for this year, it’s challenging and isn’t that the point
of racing games… that they aren’t too easy?

So get in there, learn how to break, how much to lean, how to setup
your bike for the proper tyres and fuel. You can be the next champ.
I believe in you!

Thank you to the publisher for the review code.

MotoGP20 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC
Please see your local store for regional pricing or online store.

MotoGP20 Launch Trailer

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