Overpass PC Review

Jari Välimäki


From the Swedish developer Zordix,
Comes a game like nothing we have seen in a while.
Perhaps the closest to match Overpass would be Spintires and
it’s different DLC addons.

Overpass is a game that requires a lot of patience to master those
pesky ATV/UTV (All Terrain and Utility Vehicles) and Quad Bikes.

Thankfully there is a lengthy introduction tutorial on how to get
started on your new career in conquering mountains, obstacle races,
and generally rough terrain.

You’ll quickly notice that driving up the muddy/rocky hills isn’t
as easy as it is in other video games, where you just floor the
throttle and swosh! up the hill you go no matter if there are
rocks or obstacles blocking you.

Nope, Overpass makes you think twice if that route is worth
spending time on, flooring the throttle most of the time will
get you nowhere but stuck in the same position, as the tires
will just spin.

You’ll ponder twice, if the best approach here is to
do 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, or if it’s steep enough to
perhaps locking the wheels (leaning the correct way) so you
can try slow and steady, throttling yourself upwards instead.
Choose wisely or fail and just roll down the hill,
before holding X to retry from the checkpoint.

This is the part where my patience was tested, and could
ultimately test your patience to the breaking point as well.
It’s all fun til it goes horribly wrong with multiple fails
in a row…

Once you get started on your new career, you’ll start earning
money from your finishes, which in return can be used on
upgrading or purchasing new vehicles. There is also a sponsorship
aspect in the game, if you finish well enough you’ll attract
new sponsorships that’ll give you additional boosts economical wise.

The game also features more traditional obstacle courses
where you try to shape the best possible lap time during 3 laps
most of the time.

Finishing in career mode top of your group advances you further
in to the game, and leading up to world finals.

Not limited to upgrading your vehicles, you can also purchase
liveries & new clothing for your Male/Female driver.

Oh and did I mention that in career mode, also your vehicles
do take damage from wreck less driving skills, so your hard earned
bucks in game are needed for fixing your beat up vehicles.

There is plenty to play in Overpass, not only limited to the
career mode that we just talked about. There is also a local
and online multiplayer presence, that pits you against other
players if that is your forte.

Quick play and custom maps, let’s you pick and choose, and
specially when you start the game as a fresh rookie it is
well worth checking out to get some experience under your wings
on how to best drive these vehicles.

As for numbers.

There are +20 vehicles in total in game.
And there are +40 tracks in 6 environments.

Graphics / Audio

Graphically Overpass looks ok to me, it is nothing ground breaking
but a decent effort for this game. You’ll be mud covered and
water will be splashing, the vehicles are detailed.

The game runs super smooth on a 2060 at 1440p and the highest
graphical settings.

Looking at the minimal specs to run the game, any rig from the
last 3-5 years should be fine running the game at decent frame

Processor Intel Core i3-540 or AMD Phenom II X4 940
4 GB of Ram
GTX 560 / Radeon HD 6870
DX 11.

The Tutorial announcer is mind numbingly dull,
but the Music chosen for Overpass makes up for the voicing.

As for vehicle audio, I’m not entirely sure how ATV’s
sound in real life, but in game it’s a decent effort.

You’ll be more focused on completing the track than
listening to the vehicle revving.

Final words.

Overpass is a game that requires a lot of learning and patience,
And perhaps why it is not suited for everyone.

But once you get bit by the ATV bug, it’s a game that’ll have you
go, just one more race hoping you don’t get stuck and rage.

I’d love to see a Demo for people to try out, since it’s such
a different game to what we normally get when motor vehicles are

If you are still unsure, after reading this review about Overpass
I’d recommend checking out some livestreams on Twitch / Mixer.

Thank you to the Publisher PR for the review code.

Reviewed on PC (Epic Game Store).

16 GB DDR4 Ram (3000mhz)
2060 RTX

Purchase link

Overpass Epic Game Store

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