Party Arcade Xbox One review

Jari Välimäki

Party Arcade

I was looking forward to Arcade Party on the Xbox One
when I saw it was coming, as someone who grew up with Arcade
halls around, I kinda got nostalgic and wanted to play some
of the favorite games I used to play back then, like Air Hockey,
Billiards and Hoop shots to name a few.

The good news is that now Arcade Party has launched on
the Xbox One and you can play a whole variety of Games
some even new to me (like Bocce Ball and Stop Light).

The games are extremely easy to pick up and play,
with simple controls so anyone basically can play as long
as a controller fits in their hands. Though you might want
to change a bit on the sensitivity options in the settings,
as some of the games might feel a bit slippery with default

Some of the games feature multiple modes to play,
Single player for those nights when you don’t have friends over..
and some have local multiplayer when you do have friends over,
so you can compete on who is the better virtual darts player.

There is also Multiplayer for some of the games, but unfortunately
I have not been able to try out the multiplayer mode at all
during this weekend when I have been reviewing the game, due to
shortage of online players. I’ll share some thoughts on this
in my final words.

When you start the game, you can select the game you want to play
straight up or go into a free roam mode.

Both serve the same purpose, selecting the game directly
just gets you into the action quicker… where as sometimes
when you are not in a hurry you just want to walk around and
look at the games available before selecting something to play.

Let’s look at the games available in Arcade Party

You got Ping Pong which I would assume everyone is familiar with,
and the same with Billiards (Pool), Darts and Air Hockey.
In total you have 13 games to pick from, some costing tokens to play
per round (like Slot Machine and Disk-O, Stop Light)

Below is the list of all the games.

Slot Machine, Stop light, Skill Ball, Puck Bowling, Ping Pong,
Hoop Shot, Disk-O, Darts, Cup Pong, Corn Hole, Bocce Ball,
Billiards and Air Hockey.

The games all have one thing in common, they give you tickets to
spend in the prize shop. (also daily logins to the game gives you
tickets and party tokens to spend)

For you folks who like achievement hunting, the game features some
easy achievements and some that require alot of time. Like buying
all the items in the Prize Shop for the hard earnt tickets
you’ve collected, and some are Multiplayer enabled so a variety
of challenges (might be tough to 100% with it’s current population
of players)

The game also features a rather nice sound-track (featuring artists
like Alan Walker and others).

Graphically Party Arcade is average looking, but that does not
mean it’s a bad thing.. I am more focused anyway trying to earn
those pesky tickets when playing instead of focusing on the graphics.

Overall Arcade Party is a fun game, with a variety of games to play.
A bit of something for everyone.. who could say no to a game of
Air Hockey huh?, but.. here comes that but.. The online part of
the game seems completely dead already at launch, which is sad
as it would have been fun to try and beat some folks online in
a game of Darts or Ping Pong… I am not sure if this is a technical
glitch or is it just simply because the price of the game is seen
by the average gamer as a bit too high to invest in?

I hope we can see the title on Sale in the future, and perhaps
then get some people to come in and join in on the multiplayer
this game offers.

Thank you goes to FarSight Studios for supplying a review code for the title.
The game is out now on all major console platforms. Xbox One / PS4 & Switch
Please see your consoles online store for geographical pricing.

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