Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review Xbox One

Jari Välimäki

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Over 15 years since it’s introduction and +10 games later we finally get to enjoy
the visual novel crime/trial stories of Phoenix Wright on the Xbox One.

Previously the game has had releases on Nintendo’s platforms with a few exceptions
on Windows. I am a bit ashamed to say that I’ve known about the series for years,
but never went the lengths to pick up a DS series Nintendo device to play it earlier.

But problem solved right? since it’s released now on the Xbox One for us to enjoy,
and if you prefer Playstation, Steam or Nintendo Switch the trilogy has released
onto those as well.

This trilogy is the first 3 games of Phoenix Wrights law career in a complete remake,
The games consist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations.
A total of 14 cases spanned across the Trilogy.

So there is definitely alot to play here. Trust me, evidence A submitted… *face palm*

So what exactly is Phoenix Wright? I said visual novel, and you go Objection! (sorry for
all these puns/interruptions that might occur since I am clearly a bit hyped).

If you are not familiar with the term visual novel, let me try to explain it for you.
A Visual Novel is generally speaking an static image with an text box for interaction,
and the image might have minor changes depending on the dialogue outcome. So a much
simpler approach (think of a comic book) than today’s Adventure games
where you might have much more going on in the background and such. Are we clear now?

The pictures above will help.

In Phoenix Wrights case the game is played out mostly as I described with an image
(including reactions on dialogue) and separate point & click scenes for searching
items/evidence, the game does not feature voiced lines but that’s ok, because you love
a good story and to read right?

The gameplay itself is easy to pick up, and involves alot of funny over the top writing
to read, memorable characters and reactions to watch (a good variety of characters).
But at the same time, it also gives you a challenge to find all the necessary items
and to use them at the appropriate time to win the case.

As you advance through the trilogy, you will find more “complex” actions to perform,
what you would do at a crime scene. Finding fingerprints and so on.

I noticed that with my first times playing the game, that if you don’t pay attention
you might miss something and perhaps even use evidence at the wrong point of time.
Thankfully you can save the game alot, so if you do make a lot of mistakes it can lead
to a game over, but no worries as you saved the game right?

I’ve attached images on top from the game, and for comparison from the older games so
you can see how much of a remake this has been.

Verdict : Guilty of being a good game.

I highly recommend Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to anyone who has a bit of patience
and is not turned off by reading alot of text for a good story, you will encounter
a lot of laughs in the writing, memorable characters and save innocent clients.
Across the 3 games and 14 cases, you will spend alot of hours here that’s for sure.

Release date : Out now on PC / PS4 / Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Review code provided by Capcom (Thank you!)

Please see your local gamestore for pricing or PC/Console online store
for local pricing.

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