Railway Empire Xbox One Review

Jari Välimäki

Railway Empire

If there’s something that has been missing on console it’s a game that is about Trains,
Now the wait is over sine Railway Empire just dropped onto the tracks right on time. (Sorry for that)

Once you load up Railway Empire, it’s suffice to say you won’t be dissapointed in the choices you have for game modes:
Campaign, Scenarios, Sandbox and Free Mode.. there’s plenty to choose from here, as well as with difficulty options
you have choices in Easy (Trains pass through each other) which takes a bit of fun and complex track building out of it.
Then there is Normal, Hard and Very hard. The game itself from a Campaign/Scenario
mode features locomotives from the 1830’s to early 1900’s and the whole of the USA as a playground, though divided into areas.

The opening scenario teaches you the basics of track building and signal settings, there are visible hints and guides that
help you get started on your journey.

Playing the campaign mode, see’s you with set objectives for each Scenario within the campaign, there is incredible depth added
into the game. During campaign play there are various things besides building stations, tracks, garages to take into account.
These include researching new technology for trains such as whistles, track-clearers, list goes on.. not only limited to
researching technology, there is the business side of things to research, time tables, mail carriages etc things we would
take for granted today. And don’t forget about that Budget, you’ll have to make profit to keep your empire chugging along.

Besides the research, you can hire personnel to help you with your train empire, book keepers to train personnel such as conductors,
security guards, coal shufflers and engineers. You can also purchase businesses in various cities that could potentially
supply another citys needs that you have linked to your railroad-network. Speaking of the set objectives earlier on; these
range from supplying a set amount of train loads of material from one city to another by a certain date, to purchasing shares
in your rival train-networks business. There are even dirty tactics you can apply to your rivals here, by planting spies in
your rivals business, to sabotage their books / trains even. The campaign itself is 5 missions/settings long, and will take
you a decent time to finish, I’d estimate around 15-20 hours (easy/normal) in total for you to complete; this though depends on the difficulty setting.

Sandbox mode is where you can really experiment without having to think about funds or really anything. You can build
to your hearts content everything and anything in the game, all the technologies are unlocked, but there are no A.I rivals
roaming in your territory here.

Scenarios then again expands on the campaign with missions, and is a great content addon to up your gaming hours further.
There are a total of 11 missions here that also have their own task list to do. Some of the missions here see you tackling the
transporation shortage around the gold rush, and building to help major metropolitans like New York grow further.
I’d say this area of the game, would be somewhere around 20 hours more for you play around with, ofcourse this is dependant on the
difficulty level you have chosen to game on. Free mode again has the option of you turning off the competition,
so you can practice your budgeting skills, thus adding a little bit more of challenge than just playing in sandbox mode and having everything
infront of you for use.

Graphically Railway Empire is a pretty game, when you are laying tracks or building stations you have pretty much a free roam camera
that can zoom in and out/rotate around the land, gorgeous landscapes / city views and even weather effects such as thunder storms.
I have added some screenshots from various things in game so you can get some idea of what it looks like.
This is where I think Railway Empire is at it’s prettiest. I built a railroad from Los Angeles all the way up the coast to Portland
and you can ride the train in different views (locomotive, carriage and cabins) along your built route,
a really fun addition to give the game an extra layer. Sounds and Music give you a good vibe, different whistles on the trains to catchy/calm tunes as music
for you to enjoy during your playtime.

Was there anything that bugged me? I wrote about you being able to use dirty tactics to sabotage etc earlier on, and yes the A.I also uses the dirty tactics.
And sometimes a bit too much, which can be frustrating. And the Hints and Tips guide could be a little bit more detailed on what things mean and do. (this hopefully
will get an update at some point to make everything crystal clear). Other than that, I really do not have anything to point out that would have annoyed or
frustrated me.

Final words.

This is a game that will give you alot, keep you busy for countless hours and it’s about Trains, who doesen’t like trains?
If you were on the fence because of the price, don’t worry, really.. Railway Empire delivers and is a ton of fun.

I’ll end with this, I choo-choo choose you Railway Empire.

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