Ratalaika 3 game quick review Xbox One

Jari Välimäki

Ratalaika Quick Review

Ratalaika has become a fan-favorite of achievement hunters lately,
publishing rather quick games to complete for that 1000 gamerscore
on the Xbox One. But are these releases just about the 1K GS?
Or are they fun to play as well? My answer to that is, yes and no..
Most of the games are simple-ish 8-16bit type games, and suitable
for the most part to gamers of all ages. Let’s take a look at 3
of the latest releases.

Zeroptian Invasion

A space invaders clone, there is nothing really much more to say about
this game than that, it’s 8 bit.. it feels classic. A rather fast
completion (less than an hour depending on your skill level) achievements
on this one ranges from scoring points .. 1000 to 10000, dying once,
and getting through 7 levels.. Graphically just what space invaders
should look like? Also priced at 3.99 USD (check your local Xbox Store
for geographical pricing) 6/10 .. if you want nostalgia get it, otherwise
just for the 1000 gamerscore at that price.

Super Weekend Mode

Dodge left dodge right, RB and LB controls your characters on each side.
Avoid the skulls and dust bunnies… try not die more than once and shoot the
enemy in the middle to score points and move up in the levels.
This is a super fast completion of around 30 minutes or less.. again
depending on your skill level. Achievements range from getting points
to achieving a chain combo, to beating stage 1,2 and 3.
For the price of 4.99 USD (check your local Xbox Store
for geographical pricing) you get a 1000 gamerscore quickly, though it’s
a game that you will want to erase from your mind that you played.
4.99 USD is pushing it for this one. 3/10

Iron Snout

Here the player takes control of a Pig that for some reason is
fighting packs of wolves attacking him with everything from chainsaws
to picknick baskets. Your goal is the fend of the wolves with various
kicks and punches until the level runs out of wolves to throw at you.
Achievements range from killing up to a 1000 wolves to getting a 30
hit combo, a fairly easy completion in less than two hours
(depending on your skill level) the sound effects and music in this game
is nothing special, but graphically this game is colorful and suits the
theme perfectly. For the price of 4.99 USD (check your local Xbox Store
for geographical pricing) you can’t go wrong on this one, be it that
you either purchase it for just the gamerscore, you will still have a
few laughs along the ride. 6/10

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