Resident Evil 2 (2019) Playstation 4 review

Jari Välimäki

Resident Evil 2

There are not alot of games that I can say scared me back in the day, in fact only
a few come to mind straight away, and Resident Evil back in 1996 with the dogs
jumping through the window on that narrow alley way was one of them, fast track
2 years forward from that moment and we have Resident Evil 2, and it scared
the living poop out of me back then with it’s fresh improved survival horror
gameplay from the original title.

Now let’s leap forward 21 years, and one of the most known gaming franchises
on the planet, Resident Evil has made a return with a remake of Resident Evil 2.
Survival horror has made a come back with a masterful remake that not
only looks fantastic, sounds great, and plays great. Just what it did back in 1998.

So what is Resident Evil 2’s story you ask, lets recap what it’s all about
without giving you any spoilers (as I do want you to experience it all
for yourself)

The story in Resident Evil 2 takes place about 2 months after the first game,
and follows Leon and Claire the two main playable characters, Leon a rookie
police officer on his first days at work and Claire a college student looking
for her brother, a police officer in Raccoon City where the events unfold.

As you can guess Raccoon city has been over-run with zombies and most of the
police force killed, and Claire finding out that her brother has left for
Europe to investigate Umbrella Corporation (responsible for the outbreak).

Seeking refuge at the Police Station this is where the game starts,
and the story unfolds as you progress. You can look forward to
plenty of surviving, puzzles to solve, enemies to dodge and kill,
inventory management and more leading up to your escape with each playthrough.

The Game has a several difficulty modes to choose from, so be it you are a
hardcore veteran of the franchise or a new player there should be a difficulty
level suiting you, and making it for an enjoyable experience.

You can choose from Assisted which is meant for players unfamiliar with action
games and this includes a few helping things such as aim Assist, weaker enemies
and gaining some health back automatically.

And then there is the Standard mode for those who want to brave in as the game
was meant to play. And Hardcore mode that brings a few extra
things to the table for spicyness, with this mode there are no autosaves,
enemies are stronger and saving the game requires you to find ink ribbons.
You might want to hold back on the latter til you have played through the game
and familiarized yourself with the police station well enough.

As for the story length of the game, you are looking at around 20 hours of
intense action in total, 10 hours for Claire and 10 hours for Leon
to complete the game and get both sides of the story.

The game now also features an extra mode called The Ghost Survivors
which has Scenarios for you to experience from an alternate what if point.
This content was part of free DLC and added to the game late februrary.
It will definitely add a few hours more for you to enjoy.

My thoughts on Resident Evil 2

It truly is Survival Horror at it’s finest. Absolutely stunning and running at
60fps on the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X with enhancements.
The cut-scenes are gruesome and of the highest quality, Capcom here with the
use of the RE engine (also used in Resident Evil 7) surely has made one of
the best looking games of 2019 so far.

I have added plenty of screenshots above for you to take a look at.

The game will keep you on your toes at all time, thinking oh I cleared out all the
zombies/room, or panicking about low ammunition/health.
The over the shoulder camera works fantastically and is responsive, at no
point in the game did I feel that the mechanics of the game did let me down by
being clunky or chunky. There is terrifying music when encountering things,
and all the gunshots ring out clear and loud. What more could you ask for?
Part from the original Resident Evil 2, Capcom in this case has expanded
on certain areas of the Police Department to make it feel more wholesome.
Some of the puzzles in the game might make you raise an eyebrow or two
during your playtime, but in the end when you complete the puzzles and move
forward there comes that yeah I done it feeling that makes you happy.

Inventory management has never been my strong suit in games, and when it
comes to survival horror games this is part of the experience, you will quickly
learn that all the things you picked up aren’t necessary needed right away
and there are more important things for you to carry just now.

I just re-read all that I’ve written, and it’s all praise for the game,
Isn’t there anything negative to say at all? Well not really, The only thing
that I mentioned above is that some Puzzles might feel a bit forced. But that’s it

It is truly, as what I began the article with.

Survival horror has made a come back with a masterful remake that not
only looks fantastic, sounds great, and plays great.

I highly recommend you to try out Resident Evil 2 and experience a story
that feels still fresh and fun to play some 20 years later.

Resident Evil 2 is out now on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, PC.
Please see respective online stores for your geographic pricing
Or visit your local game store.

A Review Copy was provided by the Publisher.

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