Super Beat Sports Nintento Switch Review

Jari Välimäki

Super Beat Sports

Harmonix known for Guitar Hero and Rock Band is back with the family friendly Super Beat Sports for Nintendo Switch.
A Rhytmic game that is divided into several fun mini-games. The story behind Super Beat Sports circluates around cute music obsessed aliens
from the planet Muzicalia. Whilst the gameplay is easy enough to get into, using the in-game lanes for left and right, and timing your responses with a single button press.
It gets noticeably more difficult the further you get into the game but still manages to remain fun.

There are difficulty options to choose from; normal difficulty and pro mode to work on.

The 5 mini-games which make up Super Beat Sports, are Whacky Bat, Net Ball, Gobble Golf, Buddy Ball and Rhythm Racket.
Which we will go through what makes them different down below.

In each of the mini-games you collect songs by completing the level; and each mini game has a set amount.
Besides collecting songs there are a ton of unlockable things to customize your character, things as sports equipment bats and clubs.
These though do not have an impact on gameplay, but make a different sound when hitting the object.
Then there are costumes for you to collect and play around with.

The game itself can be played in both docked and undocked mode, and supports single joycon and or the pro-controller.
There is a local wireless play, but no online play. If you are playing undocked, it might be a bit too much having a 4 player game running,
considering that the screen on the switch is not on the large side.

Let’s go through the different mini-games.

Whacky Bat has the player switching between lanes hitting back the balls thrown at you by the aliens,
Here the normal difficulty has a total of 3 lanes to work with, and the pro mode 5 lanes.
Also Whacky Bat has a total of 27 songs to complete.

Netball is a volleyball styled game, where you play with an AI companion if playing single player.
Here you hit back the ball at the aliens, leading ultimately to a slam moment where you get to score and get closer to win the game.
Netball has 15 songs to complete.

Gobble Golf is perhaps the simplest of the mini games in Super Beat Sports, you hit the balls with a golf swing back at the aliens
this time stationed left center and right on a platform. The game plays out the music and shows you when their mouths are open to strike.
Gobble Golf has a total of 12 songs to complete.

Buddy Ball can be played solo or with up to four players in multiplayer. This game is basically elimination by missing your Swing.
Each player starts with 3 lives, and each missed swing takes a life away, last man standing rules.
There is strategy to take into count here, make it harder for your opponents, choosing which alien to aim for to have an impact on the ball
coming back for the next player, there is also power-ups such as switching the rotation direction,
and bombs that will cost any player that hits it a life.

Rhytm-Racket is the last of the Mini-Games, timing here is essential. It’s a top down view mini-game where you protect your net,
and score in theirs to win the game. It’s essentially a Pong styled game. The Arena changes after any player looses a life, which makes
it more of a challenge, and having you to make new strategies on the fly.
It’s different to the other Mini-Games, and the game wants you to play a tutorial before getting started.
Rhytm-Racket has a total of 3 songs to complete.

Super Beat Sports will offer you hours of fun, and definitely a challenge trying to complete everything to the max.
It’s a cute colorful game, family friendly, that you will enjoy wheter playing alone or having a few friends join.

I can recommend Super Beat Sports whole heartedly to anyone who wants hours of Rhytmic fun and a challenge.

Review code supplied by the developer.

Please check your Nintendo eStore for local pricing.

Super Beat Sports is out now.

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