Super Lucky’s Tale Xbox One Review

Jari Välimäki

Super Lucky’s Tale

Super Lucky’s Tale made the jump to the Xbox One family, And boy is it cute.
It is playable on all Xbox One devices from the original Xbox One to the One S on 1080p, and
if you have the newly released Xbox One X you can play it at 4K and 60 frames per second. The first mentioned both
run at 30 frames per second, Super Lucky’s Tale is also an Xbox Play Anywhere title so PC owners also get to enjoy
the new release of Lucky.

Lucky’s Tale story wise; is about rescuing The Book of Ages from the evil villain Jinx.
Jinx is the scheming and mysterious villain trying to reshape the world, but for what reason?
That you will find out in the four worlds set up for your conquering with various puzzles and challenges.
Along the story Lucky meets cute friends and allies such as misplaced Yetis, Kooky Spookies,
A village of farming worms, and other colorful friends inhabiting the Book of Ages..

The main levels are mostly 3D platforming levels, but there are some 2D platforming levels also for you to tackle in the game.
Lucky has the ability to burrow and double jump, so the controls are easy to get a hang of.
The levels and worlds are setup so you need to find an X amount of clovers to be able to enter the level/world and progress.
Most of these worlds are shortish,
but require you to have an keen eye on detail so you don’t miss hidden letters or other things
that could result in finding secrets.

Talking about the challenges I mentioned above
The challenges include collecting a total of 99 clovers from the levels, each level has 4 clovers to collect.
This is done in a manner as collecting 300 coins in the level gives you a clover, and collecting
the letters L, U, C, K and Y gets you another one, Finishing the level also gets you an clover and
then there are secret underground stages with tiny puzzles from where you can earn a clover as well.

Lucky’s Tale is a platforming game that is suitable pretty much for all ages and skill levels,
it’s cute art style really gets you sucked into the game and keeps you hunting for those pesky hidden clovers.

Control wise Super Lucky’s Tale handles really well, specially on the Xbox One X running at 60 frames per second.
Fluent, super-responsive controls with no hickups. Graphically as you can see from the above screenshots,
it’s colorful and vibrant. Sounds and music is what you would expect from a platforming title, cute and
pleasing (there are some funny scenes in the game / specially one musical).

Final Thoughts

While Super Lucky’s Tale might not be the longest journey to complete, it is still well worth the asking price.
There aren’t that many newly released cute cartoonish platforming games,
that suit almost all skills levels and ages out there today.

Super Lucky’s Tale is out now.
Please see the Xbox Store / Windows Store for local pricing.
Super Lucky’s Tale is also an XPA title (Xbox Play Anywhere)

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