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TT Isle Of Man: Ride on the edge 2 – PC Review

Jari Välimäki

TT Isle Of Man: Ride On The Edge 2 Review

There has been racing on this tiny island, since 1907 when the first race was held.
It is widely regarded as the most dangerous motorbike event on this planet,
with average speeds in the late years exceeding a mind blowing +130mph on narrow roads
for a grueling 37+ miles (+60km) that is the lenght of the main event.
Unfortunately the race has seen it’s number of casualties also (+140 to date).

This years follow up to the first title from 2018, which gained decent reviews back then.
Builds on a more extensive career mode that has tracks from the previous title imported,
most of these tracks are fictional and set over the Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.
Also a new feature is Free Roam Mode over Ireland, as per it’s name let’s you drive around
the map. (See above gallery for images)

Career mode is really about building up your skills for the ultimate race in the end.
Starting with a Supersport motorcycle, and moving onto Classic and Superbike classes
latter on in the game as you move forward. You can also sign a contract for a team,
and this means the better you perform, the more money you can throw at upgrades for
the various bikes you own. Finishing and completing team goals, also gives you perks.
These vary from mechanical perks (example using more or less fuel) to warming up your
tires slightly before taking on a race. There’s even insurance, so when you crash
or fall of the bike it doesen’t impact that hard on your earnings.

And when I say crash your bike, this is something you will do.. and a lot.
TT Isle Of Man 2 is like no other motorcycle game I have ever played before.
(I have not played a lot of Realistic Simulators)

Say any driving game you know, most of them have a breaking and steering system
that is super responsive, and you can pretty much always break late into corners
and such. This is not the case on IoM 2 (I’ll use IoM 2 now refering to Isle
Of man 2), you will learn that just like in real life.. when driving +150mph
it actually takes a while to break down to the odd 20mph you need to be
doing to make the corner, this was my biggest fail in the beginning playing the game.
Missing the breaking points, and the steering is not as responsive as you might
be used to in other titles, you tilt your bike too much when cornering..
You’ll slide of the bike, you hit that curb and the back wobbles, and you might
be flying down the road and hoping the asphalt scrapings aren’t that bad.
Unless I’ve missed something, I hope some future tweaks will look into the
steering for the zig-zag tight corners you will encounter.

When you take all these elements, and add the speeds I was talking about
driving through a tiny town centre, turning and heading into a narrow road with fences
on each side, light posts, trees and what not…
with the other drivers right behind your back waiting for a chance to pass,
really makes the game addictive… the feeling of speed is surreal.

You will fail a lot, to begin with. But when you get a hang of how IoM2 drives
and you push your bike to it’s limits; ultimately finishing into the top 3
or even win a race it’s a great feeling. You just got to be patient with IoM2,
it will come naturally how to “master” it the more you play, and learn where
and how much you can really push.

The game also besides the Career mode, has a time trial mode where you can practice
on hoaning in your best times (plenty of tracks in total to try out) across
Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland, there is also Multiplayer (Local and Online).
Unfortunately during this review period, I could not find any Online multiplayer
races to part take in.

For this review I’ve played IoM2 on a gaming PC, that consists of a 9th gen Intel
i5 processor, 16GB of ram and a RTX 2060 (6GB) GPU, and the game itself looks gorgeous
even on 1080p settings, running at 80-120fps, with occasional odd dips in performance
specially when cornering on certain tracks. at 1440p the game is running around 60fps,
with medium/custom settings and. I am sure future tweaks will have the game running
even better. It is a resource hungry game, but if you have a rig that can handle it
it will look even better.

Here are the minimum / recommended specs for IoM2.

Intel Core 2 i5-2300 / AMD Phenom II X6 1100
4 GB Ram
GTX 630 2GB / Radeon 5870 2 GB

Intel i7-3770 / AMD FX-8350
8 GB Ram
GTX 780 3GB / AMD R9 290X 4GB

Final words

IoM2 after playing, what can I say.. If you’ve never really tried motorcycle games
in the past, but enjoy a good challenge, and love the feel of speed, with plenty
of tracks to drive on, IoM2 will give you value for money. Be patient going into
it, and don’t give up even if you crash 10,20,50 times on your first races.
The game is fantastic and will keep you busy during these trying times we live in.

Slap on your favorite tunes in Spotify, and go racing

You’ll come out saying, Motorcycle racing is fun.. and can’t wait for IoM3

Thank you to the publisher for the review code.

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