Wulverblade Nintendo Switch Review

Jari Välimäki


The latest release from Fully Illustrated, is Wulverblade on the Nintendo Switch.
This side scrolling 2D (historical beat’em up) is bringing out some good memories in me, thinking of Streets of Rage and the likes from the 80’s to early 90’s.
And what sweetens things even further this one is also playable in co-op if you so choose.

The historical setting in Wulverblade is around Roman times, 120AD. And the Romans have invaded all the way up to Scotland.
It’s now up to you, as a single player or co-op, to choose from the three siblings whom will take on the mighty intrusive army.

You have the choice of choosing from Caradoc, Brennus, or Guinevere.. three siblings that each has their own fighting style.
Caradoc (which was my choice) has a rounded style, not the fastest nor the slowest, but dishes out punishment properly.
Brennus again is the brawler who dishes out his punishment with major force, but is a tad slower than Caradoc.
Then we have the ranged fighting style of Guinevere which is the fastest playable characther of them all, that also can do some nice tricks mid air.

Now that we have selected our Hero, and move on to the game. Wulverblade is a side scrolling action game, which literally means you can go left and right,
and right is the way we’re heading this time for the 8 absolutely gorgeous levels that lay ahead. (and depending on how good you are, atleast 6-7 hours of play time to finish it)
As you can see in the screenshots above, that the art-style of Wulverblade is absolutely fantastic, and the animations of our heroes spot on.
Now that we add the Music of Wulverblade ontop of a gorgeous game, it becomes an Epic adventure that entices you.. The music in game is composed by some well known folks,
the sound designers who worked on The Dark Knight Rises and Wrath of the Titans. It really gives that medieval feel/vibe to the game.

And speaking of Graphics, Music, moving onto the voice acting in Wulverblade,
The voice acting in Wulverblade was something also I really liked, really thick Scottish accents that suit the game well,
even the enemies / bosses have suiting lines to throw at you. (the game is rated M, and it shows why, limbs, blood, gore flying everywhere)

Wulverblade itself as you start up the game, has a relatively easy learning curb to get into. You have an attack button, jump button, and a block button to work with here.
I’ll give you a fair warning though, even if there are difficulty settings in the beginning of the game that you can choose from, even on the lowest difficulty the game offers a challenge;
meaning that the simple mechanics of attacking and jumping might not be enough, you’ll want to learn to block also in game to survive a little bit longer.
Not to forget that you have 3 lives, and when you die you can restart from the nearest checkpoint (phew).

One of the fun things I really liked with Wulverblade was the different moves you have in game, from rushing with a shield to knock the enemies on their backs so they see stars from the confusion,
leading you to finish of the enemy with an execution move.. and calling in your “super” the wolves to rip enemies apart when you feel a bit overpowered by the sheer number of foes.
Also by slashing and dicing your enemies you build up your rage meter, this once is full and used you gain more energy from attacking your enemies whilst being invulnerable for a certain time.
Ps. (throwing limbs at your foes is kinda cool too)

All along the levels when you play, you also come across boards that you can click on that have historical information and such, a really sweet addon to the game. (I’ll talk more about this down below)
Also on the levels, you can come across food such as apples, chicken, something I pressume is bacon.. which helps you regenerate health, to carry on a bit longer from taking all those slashes
and perhaps reach the next checkpoint.

Besides the main campaign in Wulverblade, there are a ton of extras included in the game, which I personally like..
One of the things is Arenas, Arenas is where you can battle waves of enemies and perhaps challenge the global leaderboards.

The second addition which is my favorite, under Extras, you will be able to find History & Story, Armory and Media (Leaderboards and Credits aswell)
History & Story contains “short snippets” that you come across when playing the main games Campaign, here you can read up on real history.
Armory contains information of all the weapons in game.
Media again, contains all the cutscenes from in game, and some fantastic looking concept Art, and.. yes there’s even more… Location photos and videos!

I really love when a developer takes the time and interest to add in Concept Art / photos, videos and history for you to view. (Kudos!)

Final thoughts.

Wulverblade is fantastic looking, well animated, beat’em up game with an epic soundtrack that you will enjoy putting hours into.
It’s been a while since I was this surprised, so thank you Fully Illustrated.

Wulverblade is available on The Nintendo Switch right now.
Please see eStore for local pricing.

Review copy provided by developer.

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